Tiki Island Slot’s Wild Symbol Opens up a World of Excitement!

Regular slot players make a beeline for Tiki Island slot because this is one of the most exciting games available these days. It is also one that gives out a very big jackpot, amounting to a sizeable £100,000. This video slot game, developed by the Gamesys Group, has five reels and 20 pay lines, and it accepts wagers in the range of 1p to £10 per pay line. It has a very attractive South Pacific island theme and the developers seem to have taken a great deal of effort in making it since its animation and sound effects are of the highest possible quality. What’s more is that, it has a fairly good RTP of 96.2%!

Players also enjoy playing the Tiki Island slot game on account of its fantastic bonus games that give them the opportunity to multiply their earnings and have a lot more fun than before! The game has a whole lot of special symbols that take the excitement to far higher levels than usual.

Wild SymbolThe game uses the Tiki Island Logo symbol as its wild symbol. This means that this particular symbol can be used as a substitute for all other symbols in order to complete a combination that creates a win. Of course, the wild symbols have to appear on an enabled pay line in order to be counted for a win. Players can check the game’s Regular Payout Schedule to find out exactly what the winning combinations are.

Slot games enthusiasts know that they can look forward to some good fortune when the Tiki Island Logo symbol appears on their screen since it helps them win money in situations where a win might not have been possible otherwise. The maximum excitement happens when five wild symbols land on a single pay line – this generates the highest possible payout in the game, which is 10,000 credits!

However, one can’t get too excited every time the symbol appears because there are a few situations where this symbol does not act as a substitute

  • The Tiki Island Logo wild symbol cannot complete winning scatter combinations by substituting for the Spears and Shield symbol.
  • The wild symbol cannot take the place of the Coconut Bonus symbol and it cannot be used to start the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature game.
  • The Tiki Island Logo wild symbol cannot be used in place of the Puffer Fish symbol. In addition, it cannot be used to launch the Puffer Fish Bonus Feature game

Since it is a multi line slot game, Tiki Island slot game offers players multiple opportunities to win money, in addition to having a great deal of fun. The slot game is featured on some of the best online casinos since the Gamesys software platform is extremely popular. Players can try out their luck playing this game from the comfort of their homes at any time that suits them best, and depending on the casino they choose they will be able to use their PCs or mobile devices to play the game.

Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Features Ensures an Enjoyable Playing Experience!

As the name is suggestive, Tiki Island slot game has the backdrop of an island and as such the icons used in the game have symbols, which are associated with an island like fishes, coconut and spears. This simple, but exciting slot game is hugely popular with players, not only for its mesmerising theme, but also for the bonus games offered. Indeed the bonus games offered here-Tiki Island Nuts and Puffer Fish are immensely sought after!

Puffer Fish Bonus Game

Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts Bonus FeaturesThe Puffer Fish Bonus game not only offers very exciting game theme, but it is also renowned for its high potential to ensure that the players can win big money. The bonus game with its dual feature of simple, but exciting game and in built rewards is one of the highly visited slot games now. The Puffer Fish game appears with three colourful fishes on the screen and when one of the fishes is chosen to play, the players can see a slew of coins appearing on the video screen. Here, the players need to carefully choose the coin with a puffer fish symbol to continue the game. Failure to do so would mean that an opportunity is lost to continue the game.

Bonus Offers

Once the player has enjoyed the puffer fish bonus game and has won the booty, which the game offers, the player is directed back to the Tiki Island game. But the players retain the awards, which were heaped on them in the bonus round and now continue the slot game with the bonus awards won, well entrenched under their belt. Therefore, by exercising caution in selecting the right scatter symbols, which are always displayed on first, second or third reels, a player happily ends up with some dream money in hand. The other precaution a player needs to take while playing this slot game is that they should know that the wild symbol does not help them in proceeding with the game. Therefore, players are required to wait for the scatter symbol to appear on the screen.

Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature

Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Features 1In the Tiki Island Nuts bonus game, the Coconut Bonus symbols appear on the third, fourth and fifth reels. If you manage to land three of these symbols scattered anywhere on these three reels, then it activates this bonus feature. In the Tiki Island Nuts bonus game, as many as nine symbols all represented by the coconut appear on the screen for the players to pick from. Players win either a bonus prize straightaway while choosing one of the nine nuts or are offered a chance to collect a couple of bonus points, which again are added to the players’ credit.

If you manage to hit a coconut that reveals a Bonus Prize, then that particular amount is added to the Bonus Meter. However, if a coconut reveals Collect, then two credits for each remaining coconut are added to the Bonus Meter, and ends this bonus game. Whatever is the total in the Bonus Meter at the end of this round will be added to your total.

How do Casinos Decide Where to Place Their Casino Slot Machines?

In case you have visited a land based casino even once, then you are likely to have seen rows of slot machines keeping gamblers entranced over long periods of time. It is easy to get hooked onto slot machines like Tiki Island because they are bright, colourful, and simple to play. Gamblers also like these machines because they can win quite a bit of money for relatively small wagers. It is a fact that casinos earn a lot of money from slot machines even though they offer more sophisticated gambling options such as baccarat, roulette and poker.

Place Their Casino Slot MachinesIf you play slot games a lot, especially at the same casino, then you’ve probably wondered how exactly the casino decides where to locate individual machines. For instance, if you have had a particularly good run with a specific slot machine, you might decide to return to the same casino to gamble on the same machine all over again so as to keep your lucky streak going. Chances are that you will not find the previous day’s machine in its original location because the casino would certainly have shifted it.

As a matter of fact, this is part of the casino’s strategy to keep the overall odds of winning fairly constant. Contrary to popular opinion, they cannot change the payout percentage of a slot machine because it has given out big wins; the percentage is programmed into the machine’s computer chip. Casinos also move machines out of play in case people do not use them for some reason.

It is in the casino’s best interests to get all slot machines in play because the overall revenue depends on having maximum machines occupied. A casino manager might therefore, decide to place a machine that doesn’t get much play in a place where people will definitely want to play. For instance, the machine will be placed at the end of a row because people are more likely to choose that spot because of the privacy and elbow room it offers.

Many gambling industry professionals also assert that casinos place machines with a high pay out rate in places where they will get high visibility. The reason is fairly simple. People come to the casino with the expectation of having a great deal of fun, while also winning the maximum amount of money on the smallest possible wagers! If they see a slot machine merrily spitting out coins or indicating huge wins in any other way, then they too will want to try their luck on them. Of course, the casino will move these machines around from place to place so that they attract a large numbers of gamblers.

It is fair to say that casino managers spend a great deal of time and effort on deciding the placement of their slot machines. This is what makes casinos such excellent places to go to when one wants a lot of entertainment. It also explains how casinos are able to rake in revenues year upon year in spite of the proliferation of online gambling options.

Tips To Locate and Play the Best Slot Games!

Slot games have a certain simplicity that appeals to people of all ages from across the world. People love the fact that they can win lots of money by wagering a small amount at a time. You don’t need to know how to play these games in order to get started with them because of their simple concept. However, you do need to know where to find the best ones to play. Slot games like Tiki Island are available in many different places, but they are not all equal in terms of the fun you can have and the money you could win.

Tips for Best Slot GamesIf you love playing slot games, then you must have certainly noticed that slot machines are present in all sorts of places and not only at casinos where they are obviously found in large numbers. You can find them at airports, bars, grocery stores and service stations too because people love trying these games that don’t take up a lot of time, effort or money. Wherever they are located, slot games are identical to each other in terms of how they have to be played. They differ in terms of the images that appear on the screen and how the payout is determined.

Slot machines differ when it comes to the payout percentage and so, it makes sense to choose one that has a higher payout. Machines located at gas stations, airports and grocery stores are likely to pay out less than machines in casinos for the simple reason that people don’t expect to play very long at the former places and will move on after a few tries. However, people go to casinos with the sole intention of enjoying themselves and perhaps winning some money. The sight of machines giving out wins from time to time will definitely encourage them to keep playing!

Slot games are increasingly found on the internet and every online casino features them as well. The main advantage of playing games on the internet is that you don’t have to take any effort at all; you don’t even have to dress up and leave your home. Lots of people play slot games on the internet whenever they have a bit of free time because this is an excellent means of relaxation and proves to be a great stress buster.

It is quite easy to find out which online slot games are the best ones to play thanks to the presence of numerous reviews and testimonials available online. You can read about which slot game offers the maximum fun and the best payout percentage so that you start with those games.

When it comes to online slot games, you also need to know which casino is reliable and follows good business practices. This will help you avoid getting into situations where you are unable to withdraw your winnings after you are done playing slots, or worse still, have your financial details stolen. It is best to do a bit of research so that you can enjoy slot games without any headaches later on.