Find Out Slot Machine Payouts before Playing Tiki Island Slot

As a slot game enthusiast, you’ll probably want to play games that give you the best chance of winning money. The latest slot games are all very interesting and they feature attractive themes as well as high quality animation and sound effects. You can play them at a land based casino or at an online one, with both options being absolutely fantastic. However, one thing that you have to consider before you start playing is what exactly the payout of the game in question is so that you can be sure of having a good chance of making money.

Slot Machine Payout ScheduleIt is important to know that slot games offer different payouts, which are determined by the manufacturer, and therefore, this varies from game to game. If you are at a land based casino, then you could ask an attendant to tell you what the payout of a particular game is. In case, you are playing online, then you can contact the customer service of the website; the best sites have excellent customer service and you’ll get your answers very quickly.

Check Out Slot Machine Payout Schedules

This is a table that lists out the winning combinations of a slot game. You’ll notice that while some slot games have huge jackpots, they tend to give small wins with lower combinations. In fact, higher the jackpot of a game is, the lower will be its other wins. Therefore, it is best to choose a slot game that has the best payouts on smaller combinations since you have a better chance of winning these.

Take the example of Tiki Island slot. You can get 10,000 coins if five of the Tiki Island Logo symbol appears on your screen. However, chances of these symbols appearing all at once are very rare, which is why a jackpot is such a celebrated event! There’s a better chance of the Girl symbol or the Flowers or Fish symbols appearing, in which case you will get a smaller win, but at least have a good chance of not going back empty handed.

Work Out the Variance of the Game

High variance slot games are those whose highest winning combinations give out 10,000 coins. These games do not give out wins frequently, but the amount will be impressive when they do.

Opt for Good Payout Percentage

Tiki Island slot is very popular with experienced players, not only because it’s a great deal of fun to play, but also because the expected return to player (RTP) is an impressive 96.29%. This means that while the casino will inevitably make more money than you under normal circumstances, you have a good chance of winning lots of your money back and having a great deal of fun in the process. Keep in mind though that this percentage is only an approximation based upon actual play figures, but it is not guaranteed!

Tiki Island slot game gives out a maximum payout of 10,000 coins with the next smallest payout being 1,000. This is a great game to play since you’ll be able to stretch your wallet thanks to its fairly regular small payouts!

Did You Know that Tiki Island is a Multiline Slot Game?

One variant of slot games, which is gaining great popularity, is the multiline slot game. Traditionally, slot games started with only a single pay line. Winning or losing the wager in slot games depended solely on the symbols of the single reel matching with that of the house pattern. To add spice, colour and thrill to the slot games, new age slot designers have introduced multiline slot games like Tiki Island.

Multiline SlotsRules of the Slot Game

The rules of the different variants of the slot games are similar in many ways, other than the number of lines from which a player opts to play. While in a single pay line slot game, a player has no choice to make regarding the number of pay lines, in a multiline slot game, the players are required to make a choice.

First, the players have to decide the number of pay lines to wager. If a slot game comes with 50 pay lines, then a player is at a liberty to choose any number of pay lines to wager on. For instance, Tiki Island slot has 20 pay lines. So, the players need to select anything between one and 20 pay lines.

Some Facts About the Slot Variants

It is simple logic to understand that higher the pay lines, higher are the chances of winning. Thus, multiple pay line slots provide better chances of winning the bets. However, the catch here is that a player needs to invest more money to play with more pay lines. As this becomes cost prohibitive for many casual slot players, as a balancing act, often players prefer to play with fewer number of pay lines, like five or 10 pay lines.

Amazing Graphics

While multiline slot games in a brick and mortar casino are equally popular as its online variant, in online multiline slot game, the visual representation of the multiline payout is stunning with icons criss-crossing the screen. Thus, to make the slots more attractive and competitive, designers are now busy developing slot games with more number of pay lines. With the generous aid of technology, designers are finding it simple to design slots with more than 100 pay lines too!

Tips to Play Multiline Slot Games

To successfully play multiline slot game like Tiki Island for instance, it is necessary to first know about the various payout tables. Players are therefore, advised to browse the website of online casinos for such info before starting to wager. Yet another suggestion to players, particularly, first timers, is to play the free game mode, which are provided on the site before placing bets with their real money. This way the players can clear lot of their doubts and also get accustomed to the multiline system of slots.

How Many Lines to Play With?

Many players are confused regarding the number of pay lines to play with. Since playing each pay line costs the player additional money, players get to decide about their budget for wagering and suitably decide the number of pay lines to wager on. To make wagering on multiline slot game like Tiki Island meaningful and worth the effort, players should thoroughly understand the rules of the slot game.

The Gamesys Group-Reliable and Efficient Solution for Slot Games like Tiki Island

Since its inception in 2001, the Gamesys Group has enjoyed a predominant role in the online entertainment business, thanks to the untiring efforts of the promoters and its loyal employees. Over the dozen odd years, Gamesys has consistently been in the news not only for the plaudits they have won, but also for the addition of new ventures year after year. Gamesys has thus become synonymous with innovation and enterprise.

The Gamesys GroupThe Leading Game Designer

The Gamesys Group provides reliable and highly efficient solutions for bingo and slot games. Founded in the UK, Gamesys gradually has spread its tentacles virtually all over Europe and currently is gaining reputation internationally. The Gamesys Group, in fact, was rated by eGaming review has the fifth largest online gaming company in the world. Gamesys also has the privilege of being the first game designer to debut on social media via their association with Facebook from 2012. Thus, the large community from the world’s leading social media are now able to play games online like Tiki Island slot.

The Games Selection

The large number of games Gamesys has been churning out over the last 14 years have always entertained the gaming enthusiasts. Gasmesys has approximately over 250 exciting games in bingo and slots, which are available to the users online. Since Gamesys has always been in the forefront of changing times, users today are able to access the Gamesys games even on their mobile phones and tablets.

User Friendly Application

A major reason for the huge support Gamesys has received from fans worldwide is the user friendly features provided by the designer. Other factors, which have also contributed towards the success of the games powered by Gamesys include reliable and safe system incorporated by the game developer. Further, Gamesys has been rolling out games, which are always liked by the users. Some of the themes in which the games have been designed by them are based on popular TV game shows like Deal or No Deal.

An Award Winning Spree

Gamesys has made it a habit to bag awards since its early days. The list of awards won is continuing as a never ending sequence over the years. Gamesys has repeatedly been winning awards for innovation, customer satisfaction and for providing a huge number of highly exciting bingo and slot games. Gamesys has also not missed winning awards on the marketing front with Jackpoyjoy winning the Best Market Promotion award in 2011.

The Company’s Game Plan

Starting as a game designer, Gamesys has now transformed as a conglomerate of online entertainment products. In addition to designing hugely appreciated casino games, Gamesys has acquired stakes in Virgin Games and Sun Bingo, two of the biggest providers of casino games. Gamesys also has business association with popular gaming sites like Caesar’s Palace.

Free Games Available Online

Gaming fans unhesitatingly sign in to Gamesys powered sites to play free games as well as real money games as they are assured of complete entertainment in a safe environment. Thus, users opt to play fun slot games like Tiki Totems, Houdini and Tiki Island offered by the Gamesys Group.