Choosing the Best Online Slots to Play!

It is really good to be a slots player these days; there are so many wonderful slot games like Tiki Island to choose from. Thanks to the proliferation of Internet-based casinos, you can even play these games from your home without having to go to a land-based casino. Gaming software manufacturers are also going to great lengths to devise new and interesting games in order to grab players’ attention, and this shows in the amazing variety of games available these days.

Best Online SlotsAs a fan of slot games, you might actually have a problem trying to select the best online slots to play because of the immense variety available. One way you could choose a game is based upon its theme or looks. If you enjoy a particular TV show or movie, then you could play a game themed around it. Some games are just bright and colourful, Tiki Island slot, for instance, and you could play it for its cool South Sea theme.

You should definitely choose a slot game that offers you immense potential to make money as well. It is best to play multi-line slots and not single line ones because the former type has many winning combinations. Even if you wager a small amount of money on each line, you should activate all of them, in order to increase your chances of winning. Even if you don’t win a huge jackpot this way, you’ll at least win back a lot of the money you have wagered, so that you can come back to gamble again the next day!

You’ll also enjoy playing games that have bonus features because they enable you to play for more. Some games offer you free spins, whereas others give you win multipliers. Tiki Island slot game has two different bonus feature games and they get launched during the course of the game when certain symbols appear on the screen. These features make the game extremely enjoyable and rewarding!

Ensure to check the pay back percentage of the game before you start playing it. Some games have far higher pay back percentages than others, which means that you have a good chance of getting a big part of your wagers back, although there is no guarantee of this happening.

You can check out different slot games without spending any money since many sites allow you to play them for free. You can click on the free game and give it a spin just to see what its bonus features are. You could even choose a casino that offers you lots of bonuses and promotions, so that you can double, triple or even quadruple your initial deposit. Make sure, however, that you only ever play on a reliable online casino, or else you might run into difficulties trying to withdraw your money.

Playing slots online can become your favourite type of entertainment as long as you choose the right games and play on the best casinos. A little research will definitely go a long way here!

Some Practical Tips to Play Online Slot Games

Online slots like Tiki Island are fun and easy to play. Also, there are many advantages associated with it. One of the biggest ones is that you can play with virtual money. No need to invest real money in the beginning. Learn the roles of the game by playing with the deposit bonus that the casino is offering. Once you build enough confidence, you can switch to playing with real money.

Practical TipsAnother advantage is the fact that you do not need to step out of your house. How cool is that? Imagine when you come back from work, all tired and exhausted. You’ll definitely want to stay at home and play rather than getting dressed and stepping out again. You get a chance to learn the game and start earning some money as well. These days online video slots have amazing bonus and promotions, they also have a good reward system and customer care service.

If you are a choosy person, then you will be spoilt for choice as there are several options from which you can choose the game you want to play.

Here are some practical tips and suggestions that will guide you to make an informed choice about playing:

  • It is an open secret that for playing online video slots such as Tiki Island, you don’t need to be an expert. All you need to know is the basic rules and regulations. You can only become a professional player if you play regularly on an everyday basis. So, do not get intimidated by the fact that many people play online slot games and that you will not be as good as them. They also started somewhere and so can you.
  • Research about the website that you want to play in. Ask your friends who regularly play slots. Do not absentmindedly register yourself and then find yourself in trouble. Make sure that you choose a reliable website because you will be disclosing all your personal details for money-related transactions like deposits and withdrawals.
  • Read the rules and regulations carefully. By doing this, you will get an idea about the website. Check the amount of first-time deposit bonus that the website is offering you. Also, make a note of the customer care service.
  • Always keep a separate amount of money while playing online. One great suggestion is that you have two accounts. One for your personal expenses and the other for your gambling needs. Do not mix both the accounts. Exercise self-control and manage both the accounts well.
  • If you are a newbie, then you should try and not play with real money. You can play for free in the beginning, and then play with money. Once you learn the tricks of the trade, you will not make any silly mistakes.
  • Play on progressive slot machines as they pay bigger jackpots. Your main aim while playing online is to have fun and also to win some money. This will only happen if you are ready to take a risk for bigger stakes.

Are Online Slot Machines Better than Offline Slot Machines?

Many players believe that online slot machines like Tiki Island have an edge over offline slot machines. The reason being that the online slot machines are flexible, convenient and offer much better deals. The concept of online slot games came into existence when online casinos came into the gambling world. With the advent of the Internet, the world of online gambling is open to a lot of people. It has gained prominence and a lot of audience. People have made a business by solely being online. People also got in touch with lost relatives, friends and family.

Online vs OfflineSo, when the concept of an online casino made its first appearance, it wasn’t a surprise. Since, almost everything was taking place online, this was also welcomed with open arms. In the beginning, online gambling included games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, slot games and baccarat.

Online vs. Offline

The first game to become very popular with the masses was poker machines. It really hit with the people. In the game of poker, the online and offline versions are quite similar. The player has to press a button to activate the reels and start playing. But there are several factors why online poker was better than its offline counterpart. Earlier, players had to dress up and head to the nearest casino. But now, things have become very easy at online casinos. All you need is a good Internet connection and you are sorted.

One more aspect that makes a big difference between online and offline casinos is the higher payout percentage. This means the rate at which people win while playing online slot games is much higher. One such online video slot that offers a great payout percentage is Tiki Island. It is engaging and entertaining and offers great deals. It might be interesting for you to note that in an offline casino, you will get a payout percentage of about 85% to 90%. But, in an online casino, you will get a payout percentage of about 95% to 99%. This is definitely an advantage over offline casinos that is hard to ignore. How often do you get comfort and the opportunity to earn money at the same time? It is rare and you need to make the most of it at online casinos!

Another key point to observe is that online casinos don’t need to invest in hiring a lot of employees. The only people required are customer care representatives and a few people in technical and support domains. Hence, it is beneficial for casinos to have an online casino rather than a land-based one.

There are tons of online video slots available. You can choose from any of them to play. And, since all of them are looking to get more players and customers onboard, they keep on improvising. They offer better deals, more bonus offers as well as more promotions and freebies. Hence, online gaming is taking a turn for the best. You should give it a try and see the advantages for yourself!

Take Precautions While Choosing and Playing Online Slot Games!

Online slots have gained tremendous popularity. There are nearly thousands of them on the Internet, each fancier than the other. Hence, when you want to play online slot games like Tiki Island, you also need to be careful about the online casino concerned. You will give these websites your credit or debit card information that is considered confidential. You do not want them to misuse it. Similarly, there are certain websites, which do not have credibility; you might want to stay away from them.

Playing Online Slot GamesHere are some tips that might help you in choosing a trustworthy online casino!

#1-Check Reviews

When you stumble upon an online gaming website, it is always advisable to check its reviews online. Professional players always review the websites that they use. You should read them and then form an opinion about playing in one. Consult professional players about the various websites available and their payout schemes. Some websites make huge promises but do not deliver. These players will be able to tell you the ones that are reliable and the ones which are not.

Playing online slot games like Tiki Island has become very easy. You can do so by sitting in the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to step outside. You can join several chat groups online and meet some like-minded people with whom you can discuss further.

#2-Always Consider Denominations

When you are playing with money, always keep in mind the denomination in which you are playing with. Sometimes people lose track of the money because they become heavily engrossed in slot games like Tiki Island. If you realise after some time that you have played under a different denomination and you have lost the game, it will be very difficult for you to recover your losses.

#3-Take it Slow

Start to bet money slowly. When you choose a slot game like Tiki Island that you haven’t played before, do not bet a lot of money on it right away. Gradually increase your pace and spending. You do not want a situation where you bet large sums of money in the beginning and eventually are left with nothing to play with. Remember the age-old adage, slow and steady wins the race!

#4-Free Slot Games

If the online casino offers a service of playing for free initially, you should utilise it. Once you play for free, you’ll understand a lot about the game and the website. You also get a lot of practice and become confident. You’ll then have the ability to pay money and play the game.

While you browse the website, make sure that you check the customer care service. For example, online casinos that have Tiki Island slot have great customer care service. It is important because if you face a problem, then you will have guidance at every step of your way!

#5-Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of the website carefully. If you do not understand anything, consult a professional about it or you can get in touch with their customer care service. You will give the website your credit or debit card details, so, you don’t want to get into trouble. Make sure this information remains confidential!

All about Slot Machine Payback Percentages!

It is quite common to see online casinos claim to offer 98% payback percentages or a guaranteed return of 99%. However, not all companies are true. Some are deceptive, while some fulfill their claims completely. Players need to understand the fact that these slot machines like Tiki Island work with the concept of Random Number Generator (RNG), which calculates the payout accordingly. Further, the payback refers to the percentage of the money that a player gets in return. These percentages are already programmed into the slot machines and can be altered by the manufacturer at any point of time.

About Slot Machine Payback Percentages

If you think that playing on a machine that offers 99% payout is beneficial, then you may not be completely correct. The payback percentage is nothing, but the profit that a casino expects to earn. You cannot expect to win $98 for every $100 that you have wagered only because the machine guarantees 98% payback percentage. Different slots have different payouts such as Tiki Island slot. This five reel game offers giant jackpot payouts and two amazing bonus features.

Further, the concept of new coinless machines has also come into the picture, which count the credits played via machine. Here, you get a voucher that can be redeemed at the cashier’s cage within a stipulated time like 60 or 90 days. Casinos today have advanced computerised systems that help in tracking the entire information including the determination of slot machine payback percentages and others.

Playing Within Your Pocket

This simply means that you need to play within your means only. The most important and widely known rule of the slot machines is that you can expect higher payback percentage with higher denominations. It is true that playing with the highest denomination is always the best option, but only if you can afford it. Even if you are regular casino visitor and frequent slot player, you need to keep in mind the rule of playing within your means. The players who want to play slot games for a longer time need to play on a lower denomination slot machine. If you think that playing with more money than you can afford can bring you more profits, then you are not completely right. More money simply leads to more risks, which can even make you falter.


If you are confused between playing a single coin in dollar machine or three coins in quarter slot machine, then you need to consider the overall cost of a spin. Dollar machines offer higher payback, but playing on a lower denomination machine is equally beneficial. By playing with a single coin per spin, you can play the game for longer and increase your chances of winning more. Your only motive should be to have ultimate fun. The players who visit online casinos occasionally are hardly worried about the payback, as they never play for long. However, if you are a regular player, then you need to know about the slot machine payback percentages and the way they work!

Tiki Island Slot’s Scatter Symbols Make it Even More Exciting to Play!

Tiki Island slot game is one of the most popular ones in play these days. This video slot machine game has five reels and 20 pay lines, giving you ample opportunity to try your luck at winning money. This attractive and exciting game is from the Gamesys Group, which means that you can expect high quality animation and sound effects from it. There are many fabulous things about Tiki Island slot game, starting with the fact that it gives a big prize of £100,000. However, what you’ll figure out when you play this slot game regularly is that its scatter symbols can really make your day.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols used in the Tiki Island slot game are Spears and Shield symbol as well as the Coconut Bonus and Puffer Fish Bonus symbols, and each of these symbols works very differently.

The Spears and Shield Scatter Symbol

The Spears and Shield scatter symbol can appear anywhere on this game’s five reels and even on pay lines that haven’t been enabled, as long as minimum three appear, in order to complete combinations for a win that might otherwise not have been possible. The combination pay out of these symbols is multiplied by the number of coins bet to get the total win.  If you are lucky enough to get a regular win on top of a scatter win, then you will get paid for both.

The Puffer Fish Bonus and Coconut Bonus Scatter Symbols

The Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols appear on the first three reels of the game and they have the ability to complete winning combinations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible as long as they appear on an active line. When three of these symbols appear on an active line, then they can trigger the Puffer Fish Bonus feature game

The Coconut Bonus Scatter symbol, on the other hand, appears on reels three, four and five and if three of them land on an active line, then they trigger the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus feature game. This symbol too can complete a winning combination.

Once you get into either of the bonus feature games activated by the scatter symbols, then you will be able to pick up quite a few extra coins. The amount of the win will be determined by the sum you have wagered on the spin that launched the game.

Keep in mind, however, that these symbols cannot take the place of a wild and vice-versa in most games.

As you can see, good times will definitely come your way if you get plenty of scatter symbols when you are play the Tiki Island slot game. There is nothing you can do to make these symbols appear, but you’ll certainly be glad when they do! Be sure to activate multiple pay lines whenever you play this game, so that you can maximise your wins. You should also choose your casino with a great deal of care because a reliable casino will ensure that you have the best possible gambling experience.