Increasing Cyber Attacks on Online Gambling Websites

Right from the time, internet betting has emerged, it has remained a major target of the hackers. These hackers are always looking for the opportunity to hack the online gambling companies and make large money in just seconds. No doubt, the governments also try to prevent the cyber-crime by introducing new rules but it has not been successful completely until date. The gambling experts and security veterans are left with no other option than to just watch these professional hackers making their best out of the most popular online gambling websites. The hackers are always ready with the newest technique to hack the site and make it lose its bets.Increasing Cyber Attacks

Different Ways of Hack Attacks

These professional hackers follow a different way every time when they hack a gambling site. Many a times, it has been noticed that they release crude ‘denial of service’ barrage. As a result, the site is disabled with unlimited information requests. In fact, they do try to do this right at the moment when a big sporting event is going on and the activities of betting are at its peak. At this point, the denial of service simply robs the opportunity of the company to win millions through lost bets. Yes, the hackers enjoy the entire profit and company is left in tears.

The Hacking Case in Atlantic City

Last July, four online gambling websites of Atlantic City were trapped with a major hacking case. They were all hacked by the professional hackers and the same was investigated by the Federal authorities and of New Jersey. During the case was examined, the hacker came forward with the promise of more disruption if the asked ransom was not paid in Bitcoin. According to the David Rebuck, the Director of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement remarked that the hacking caused a great loss to all the four companies and even the other companies also faced its consequences. The hacked companies showed a great downtime and were unable to monitor properly for days.

The Recent Position of Irish National Lottery

Recently, the news have hit saying that the Ireland’s National Lottery has been continuously showing denial of service attack. It was seen that after the completion of draw, the hackers hacked the website offline for two hours, which resulted in huge loss for the site. The Ireland’s National Lottery is monitored and operated by Premier Lotteries Ireland.

Premier Lotteries announced the news and gave the entire explanation of it. The best part is that the company’s anti-DDoS system worked very efficiently and lessened the effects of the hack. It limited the disruption by the hackers up to some extent and the company’s entire operations were restored only within two hours. It was ensured that company’s data was not affected at all. It was all kept safe and secured.

It hints at the fact that the online gambling sites have become the highest target and the hackers keep on discovering smarter ways to hack them. Thus, the laws should be stricter and the companies should be more alert.

Terms & Conditions You Should be Aware of When Gambling Online

It is a lot easier and rewarding to do online gambling when you know important terms and conditions of gambling sites first. Each casino expects you to agree to its specific conditions before it even lets you open an account with it. Interestingly, most people tend to skip reading this portion of the site and they agree to the terms mentioned since they are in a hurry to start playing.Terms & Conditions

If you are planning to gamble online then you should certainly take the time to read this page because there is always a lot of important information contained in it. As a matter of fact, the points covered here will help you maximise your potential winnings and might even warn you whether gambling is legally possible in the country you live in. These conditions are legally binding upon you once you agree to them, irrespective of whether you have agreed to them or not.

This report will be of help to you because it sheds light on the three main categories of Terms & Conditions set down by major gambling websites, which explain whether you are breaking the law or abiding by it when you take the decision of gambling at a particular casino.

Available in Specific Geographic Area

Online gambling is not permitted in many countries such as the United States even though they may permit land based gambling to a limited extent. Therefore, a person living in any such country is breaking the law even if he or she is able to gamble using the internet. Many online casinos therefore list out in their T&Cs the countries where their services can be used legally. Any new player who is interested in gambling will have to go through this list to make sure whether they can legally play or not. Furthermore, many gambling sites send messages to people who live in places where online gambling is banned that they cannot access the services.

Available All Over The World

Just suppose you live in a country that bans online gambling but are still very interested in trying your luck. There exist many options that allow you to circumvent the law, and one of the most popular one is the use of Bitcoin currency. There are lots of Bitcoin Casinos that use this anonymous money transfer method, and business is booming for them because lots of people like the idea of using a virtual currency as well as means of hiding their identities.

Grey Areas

Some casinos prefer to remain ambiguous with regards to their terms and conditions regarding geographical usage.  They do not clearly state which countries’ residents cannot use their services since they evidently are glad to get the added business. Instead, they leave it up to the individual to find out whether they are permitted to gamble or not. These casinos tend to be run badly and there is a strong likelihood that it will make money withdrawals difficult.

If you still don’t have the time to go though all T&Cs carefully then you should read reliable reviews instead. You’ll save a lot of time, money and effort this way.

A Player Lucked Out and Won £2,389,933 at Sky Millions!

Everyone who ever played in online casinos have the fantasy to win the jackpot. There are some people who only play progressive jackpots so that they can win elaborate amounts. Only once in a while you might come across someone who has actually won something on one of these online gaming websites. Only recently, NYX Gaming Group announced that a lucky player has won the jackpot. The player has won £2,389,933 at the Sky Millions game at the Sky Vegas casino. This player has won this tremendous amount right two days after Christmas in 2015. Now, we all know what he asked Santa for, bucketload of money!Sky Millions

The player wishes to stay anonymous and we respect his privacy, but he has been a regular and winning the amount obviously must have made him exceptionally elated. On further questioning, we found out that this player was playing on a progressive jackpot. It is this reason why he won such a big amount. Firstly, we need to understand the difference between a normal jackpot and the progressive jackpot. In a normal jackpot, you get the amount in that particular slot game. In a progressive jackpot, all the points are combined together, hence the amount is much larger in number. We also know that some 30 minutes into the game and the slot machine started gurgling with noises and whistles which clearly indicated that the player had won the massive jackpot.

Another aspect to be noted is the fact that Sky Millions is an amazing slot game. It is NYX’s top-rated slot machines with amazing promotions and bonus offers. It also offers a wide range of weekly and monthly promotions. Originally formulated to be a Cryptologic game, it was soon converted to a NYX-suite game. It is also available in all participating online casinos now. The game is exciting and very easy to understand. Once you start playing, there is a high chance that you might not be able to get off it.

£2.4 Million with One Game?

Honestly, all slot games have a lot to do with luck as well. You cannot expect to win every game you play. Sometimes there are players who play every day for long hours and still don’t win anything. Then there are players who win massive amounts in the beginning. This has nothing to do with what kind of a person you are, but about luck favouring you or not. If you are aiming at big jackpots such as this one, you need to have the courage to wager big and at the progressive jackpot. It is a pooled amount and hence massive in numbers.

Sky Millions also has amazing bonus features. Hence, even if you do not win progressive jackpot, you have a fair chance to win the monthly and weekly jackpots, which are also amazing. The Chief Product officer of SkyBet, Scott Smith said in a statement that such a huge amount is truly life-changing and that he is happy such as thing happened in the gambling world.

Online Gambling Sponsorships Ensured by Sports Integrity

The world of gambling is growing tremendously. Not only new players are getting interested in it, people who used to play at land-based casinos are also migrating to it. Online gaming has many advantages. One of them being that you can play the games from the comfort of your house. You do not have to wait in line or carry your wallet around. All you have to do is login to your computer, have a glass of beer and start playing. All the transactions that happen online are also safe and secure. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites online that offer gambling facilities. You can choose to download the game on your computer or your phone and play it. Online Gambling Sponsorships

Furthermore, there some websites where you can play the game using flash, which means you, do not have to download them at all. Hence, there are several advantages to playing online. But since more and more casinos are coming into the picture, the competition is rising. Hence, all the casinos have to make sure that the players use their website more than someone else’s. This is the reason why advertising is being introduced to online casinos. Well, some form of advertising was always present since it is a way to earn revenue. But recently, an article in the newspaper – Wall Street Journal- also says that advertising is enriching the gambling industry.

Sponsorship has always been used to sell wagers in the gambling world. This became even more popular when several online casinos picked up. Earlier many of the sponsors for gambling companies were tobacco firms and beer companies. Now, they have been given the tag of gambling service providers. For example, William Hill who is the partner for Australian Open has earned a fortune for himself with the betting turnover he makes every year. He even commented that it has increased 80 per cent, which is a massive amount. He had made sure to sign the deal well before the series.

Additionally, the Australian Wagering Council has defended the point when the games were accused of being fixed and planned. On this point, one of the officials from the Australian Wagering Council stated that all the members associated with the organisation are continually committed to their work and are in touch with all the sports control bodies. They also encourage high standards of integrity and probity when it comes to dealing with sporting rules and regulations.

It has also been pointed out by some of the critics that gambling companies are immensely benefitting from this innovation. They are also getting a lot of revenue from other sources indirectly or directly. To back this preposition was the news that Sportradar signed a $70 million deal with the reputed Swiss-International Tennis Federation. This means that Sportradar will have access to real-time scores and all the statistics of the game. A spokesperson from Sportsradar said that more than 60,000 matches happen each year around the world and we have massive data about all of them. They also promised to maintain as much transparency as possible.