New Ideas and Concepts of Casinos to Entice Youngsters into Playing Games Like Tiki Island Slot

New Ideas and ConceptsThe casino gambling has not just remained confined to the traditional games and overall environment. The casino trend has changed over the years considering the needs of the younger generation. Many casinos are today worried about younger generation, which does not seem to be really interested in casino games such as Tiki Island slot like their parents and grandparents were. This has driven the casinos to come up with something unique that can captivate the attention of the millennial.

The New Casino Ideas and Concepts

The Fox is a new casino in Connecticut that has transformed from Foxwoods. The 30-year old complex has turned into a hip, happening and cool gambling environment to entice more players around. The casino floor has been redeveloped and has turned into a separate corner for the females to entertain players with their pop songs. Not only this, but the casino has also come up with the idea of tattoo-studio where youngsters can get tattoos. The players can also enjoy the casino’s nightclub, Shrine and experience electronic dance acts like Tiesto and DeadMau5.

In fact, CEO Felix Rappaport has mentioned that it has become like a party place for the people and has energized the casino floor like anything. To talk more about the casinos, Twin River Casino has also come up with something new. The casino has introduced more space for table games and poker to attract the players. In addition to this, it has also introduced some martial arts competition at its event center. This way, the casino has attempted to entice the younger fight fans.

In the Words of Steven Norton

Norton is a well-known casino consultant in Illinois. He says that it is very important for the casinos to develop a good customer base. It should not become like the horse racing where all the people die-off in the future. By this, he simply means that casino should attract the people of all the age groups so that, casino never remain empty. It should keep on alluring new blood so that, the casino business keeps going. Furthermore, Michael Mathis, president of MGM Springfield remarks that new thinking is of utmost importance. He highlights the studies of marketing research according to which, millennial consider slot machines as boring, anti-social and non-intuitive. To overcome such thinking, casinos have today introduced electronic table games with live dealers and machines with various exciting themes like star wars.

The Bottom Line

It is true that casinos have today introduced various attractions for the youngsters like pool parties, rooftop concerts and others. However, it is essential on the part of these casinos to keep their approach balanced while encouraging these youngsters, says general manager of Mohegan Sun, Ray Pineault. He adds that it is not good to overemphasize the youngsters and lose other customers. He adds by mentioning that the younger generation still has the disposable income as compared to their well-established parents who can be a great profit to the casinos. Thus, it is better to target the players with a more balanced approach.

Oklahoma to Welcome its First Tribal Casino that Features Casino Games like Tiki Island Slot

Online gambling and betting is becoming very popular these days. Some reasons can be that it is convenient as opposed to travelling to a land-based casino and play there. Moreover, you do not have to wait in line for your chance to come. Online you can just log in and start playing. All you have to do is get a good internet connection and you are sorted. There are hundreds and hundreds of online casinos and you can choose to play from any one of them. Hence, it is actually in your interest to play online. There are lots of plus points such as extra rounds, promotions and bonus. You cannot miss all this.

And, news has it that the Iowa tribe from Oklahoma have made space for online gambling sites. They are set to welcome its first tribal casino featuring casino games like Tiki Island slot.

The Launch

Because of the successful market of online gambling, the tribe from Iowa have cleared their paths for online casinos. These sites will be opened to offer casino services, and will offer all the games that a land-based casino would provide. It will be a tremendous development for the gambling world.

Initially, the casinos will have poker on their menu. And then eventually they will move forward with adding more games, but eventually all of them will be introduced to the tribe. This move is likely to make the online world of gambling flutter. 2016 will be a great year for online gambling in general, and this seems to be a great start. More than anything else, the government can also benefit from this.

The Legal Doorway

Well, gambling needs to go through the various nitty-gritty legal procedures for it to be legal. These procedures do not take much time, but are a little cumbersome. One usually has to submit a lengthy request to the arbitration for the online casino to start operating. The Iowa Tribe and Oklahoma Government submitted the request to the concerned authority. It is a basic request, which was submitted by Mary Falling in this case, asking for permission to start operating in full-swing a gambling website. The request was taken into consideration and Judge Charles Chapel took it up and though about it for over two months. Then on November 24 last year, he made a statement saying that it is a good idea to play games online and earn more revenue for the tribes. He further added that this arrangement will not cause issues between the tribe and the state.

Certification of the Decision

The tribe also made sure that they had a city district court judge’s certification on the decision that was made by the arbitrator. It was signed by the judge and then the confirmation was finally completed. The online project is now finalised and it is in tandem with the legal rules put in place.

The Software

The software is equally important as it is essential to have a good one. Universal Entertainment Group that is based out of Florida will be the software developers for the poker website.

Genii Joins Hands With EveryMatrix for Your Enhanced Gaming Experience

Genii has come to offer a large collection of games that you can choose from and all of this is now available on the platform that is backed by EveryMatrix. Note that this is inclusive of the Spin16 video slots.

For those who are unaware, Genii is a casino game developer and it has brought to notice that a new agreement has been reached upon with EveryMatrix which is their software provider that helps them distribute their collection of titles on the web. This deal in particular will see online casinos powered by EveryMatrix and will include a collection of games from Genii that will have more than 130 games for your entertainment.


The few top casinos to participate in the same and hence benefit from this partnership include Double Star Casino, LeoVegas Casino and NoxWin Casino. Many games are now offered by these casinos to keep you entertained all year round. Again, they will be provided by Genii as part of the EveryMatrix platform.

As most already know, the Spin16 has always been famous for being able to provide so much fun to the users and Genii has made sure to include it in its collection with 130 titles.

This has helped create quite a fanbase already because the game is made up of unique mechanics which gives the players all kinds of freedom they didn’t have before. Now, not only can they swipe the reels down, but also up, to the right and to the left. The many other special features that you can find here are the multiple video slots that have been created by the developer.

EveryMatrix has come to become the biggest online casino content aggregator in the world. The company has been expanding its game offering more and more and reaching out to as many people as it possibly can. First established in the year 2008, EveryMatrix’s initial focus was on creating an exciting gaming experience that it could cater to its customers. Later on Genii was picked as a great fit for the company and its goals by the director of sales and marketing at EveryMatrix.

Gamers can enjoy the treasures offered by Genii both on desktop and on mobile devices alike and they run on all devices with Apple’s iOS, Android or Windows.

There has always been a large audience interested in playing Genii and EveryMatrix helps it even further. There a strong community that dedicates its time, money and energy in playing these games and adding about a 130 new titles helps add an even bigger fan base to this. There is now so much to choose from, you won’t know where to look.

These new games are made to ensure that the players are constantly entertained while the companies work towards growing their portfolio. Nothing is more important that keeping the player’s attention in the game. For that is the only thing that needs constant keeping up with. The same is managed by EveryMatrix with the help if all kinds of interesting features.

Record Breaking Casino Winnings in the City of Nevada

The year 2015 was a boon for the casino industry in Nevada. It is because the city earned the record-breaking revenue from the casino world going as high as up to $11 billion. This amount is much higher as compared with the earlier years. It was noted that the house ended up with a giant billion dollar amount, which was a percent higher than 2014.Record Breaking Casino Winnings

In the Words of Lawton

Although the entire profit was marvelous but it could not surpass the profits of the year 2007 in which Nevada earned the highest. According to the present scenario, Las Vegas strip casinos contributed the maximum with $6.3 billion in the year 2015 out of the entire profit of $11 billion. The senior analyst, Michael Lawton also expressed that casino gaming has increased to a greater height in the recent years in Nevada. He added that the craze of gaming has developed a lot even among the millennial in four of the last five years.

On the other hand, casinos are making every possible effort to captivate the attention of the punters and draw more audience. Besides Las Vegas strip casino that showed 0.4% downturn in the entire gambling revenue, other casinos also witnesses great profits. The downtown Las Vegas casino earned almost 5.9 percent higher last year to $542 million whereas Reno casinos enjoyed a gain of 3.3 percent and won around $571 million.

State-of-Affairs After Recession

It is true that the gambling world has flourished after the recession period but the pace is uncertain. According to the analysis, the interest of the gambler in Las Vegas has now shifted more towards shows, shopping and food. The present casino win has not yet met the records of 2007 i.e. $12.8 billion. In addition to this, it has been seen that revenues have suffered greatly because of the players not putting in more money in baccarat.

Baccarat is known to be a highest stake game, which is supported by the players from Asia. In the year 2015, Nevada has made only $1.3 million from baccarat, which is almost around 14 percent lesser than 2014. The slot machines actually contributed for about 63 percent of the total earning of casino industry in 2015, which is great. As compared with the year 2014, the percent was 3.8 percent higher. In fact, slot machines surpassed the earlier record of $7 billion of the year 2007 in its history.


Lawton has expressed that he is much positive about the New Year, 2016. He expects that job opportunities will increase, there will be improvements in housing market and fuel prices will come down. As a result of all these, he expects that people will be allured to gambling and the record of these people visiting casinos will increase. The calendar year, 2016 is sure to bring in new hopes and profits for the casino gambling world, Lawton added. Thus, all eyes are set to see the performance and growth of casino industry in the state.