Football Betting Popularity Dips in Russia

Football Betting Popularity DipsIn a development that is sure to worry the sports betting business, football betting saw a decrease in popularity in Russia year-on-year for the last year. Based upon figures released by Russia based gambling company First Gaming, the money placed on wagers on football in Russia was only 40% in 2015, down from 63% the previous year. It is hard not to be concerned by it, considering that football is the most popular game in the world. In addition, and more worryingly, the average size of bets on all sports came down to $15.35 in 2015 from $30.08 in 2014. This is a drop of 50% and is without doubt a cause of concern.

Rub90, one of the sponsors of First Gaming, made the observation that 2015 could have been a lack lustre year because there was no major sporting event conducted then. If 2014 saw a huge number of online wagers on sports, and particularly on football, this was because of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, although bearing no relation to football, would also have attracted a whole lot of people to gambling sites. In addition, the Rouble dropped in value at the same time, and this volatility of exchange rate also caused the reduction in value of wagers.

Russians Enjoy Sports Betting

Russians use a number of online casinos such as EuroGrand (a subsidiary of world famous UK based bookmaking firm William Hill), Real Deal Bet and Winner Casino to place bets on a number of sports apart from football. Basketball comes second with 18.35% of wagers whereas Tennis comes third at 18,19% of all sports wagers. Other popular sports are volleyball and ice hockey, each of which got around 10% of the wagers in 2015. However, the drop in the Rouble’s value also affected the average bets on these sports. The average bets on basketball were higher than that of any other sport at $19.39. Handball is also getting to be very popular in Russia, as is evident from the average wager amount of $16.54. The average bet on football was just $16.81.

Professional Sports Leagues

Russians also gambled a lot on many professional sporting leagues with the NBA getting almost 4% of the total wagers. The Continental Hockey League came a very close runner up at 3.67% and the UEFA Football Champions League made it to the third position.

Betting Patterns

The proportion of live betting to pre-match wagers remained almost the same in 2015 when compared to 2014.  Interestingly, the maximum live bets were placed late in the evening and early in the morning, mostly because punters would be following matches taking place in North America. Most bets were placed during the spring because this was when UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers took place and so did the final stages of various important football and hockey tournaments.

The overall health of the sports gambling industry depends on its ability to get gamblers to keep coming back to place wagers on many sporting events.

Cambodian Live Dealer Websites Await The Return of Their Chinese Staff

The highly lucrative Cambodian live dealer internet gambling operations are finding it very tough to run their businesses in the absence of their Chinese employees, most of who have returned to their country in the face of continuing crackdowns on illegal Chinese run gambling and extortion operations based in Cambodia. Even though the government crackdowns have nothing to do with these employees and haven’t even been targeting online gambling sites, the current atmosphere of fear has left them feeling insecure.

Cambodian Live Dealer Websites

The Cambodian government has been trying to shut down online fraud rings operated by Chinese nationals out of casinos located in different parts of Cambodia. Most recently, the government stopped an online fraud business operating from Poipet in a joint operation with the Chinese authorities. More than 100 Chinese citizens were arrested during this operation which took place at the Golden Crown Casino. Incidentally, this casino is owned by one of the wealthiest men in Cambodia.  The last crackdown took place last November in the town of Sihanoukville which is a major hub of gambling and other leisure activities and it resulted in approximately 130 Chinese getting nabbed.

Gambling is legal in Cambodia and the casinos here are turning out to be very popular with punters from China where this is an illegal activity. As a matter of fact, Sihanoukville is home to many live dealer online casinos that do flourishing business thanks to their Chinese customers. The government has provided a number of licenses recently to operators knowing full well that they were meant to start online businesses catering to Chinese gamblers. Large numbers of Chinese gamblers visit Vietnam and the Philippines in addition to Cambodia since gambling operations in Macau are facing anti-corruption crackdowns.

Sihanoukville had a bustling Chinese community numbering more than 5000 people, an overwhelming majority of whom were employed in the gambling industry in different capacities. The crackdowns have caused all but 10% of these people to leave the country, bringing the online gambling business to a standstill. According to Rakthanak Sambath, owner of the Golden Royal Hotel and Casino, many gambling operators have shifted base to the Philippines. He went on to add that the Chinese operators would only consider returning if the government issued a clear statement that it permitted the operation of online gambling sites.

A company that has been badly hit by this problem is Queenco Hotel and Casino. Aharon Gini, the company’s General Manager said that a $1 million proposed investment by a Chinese party fell through on account of this problem.

Ros Phearun, spokesman for Cambodia’s Ministry of Finance and the go-to person for all issues concerning gaming said that the government would limit itself to regulating online gambling activities from the country and would not go to the extent of attracting investment in this field. Even though the official government line was that Chinese customers were not targeted in the crackdown, the fact is that they were fingerprinted during the operation in order to discover people who might have warrants against them. Cambodia will definitely have to clarify its stand on this issue because gambling is a good source of revenue and employment.

Money Laundering Case Against 5Dimes

5Dimes, one of the very famous sportsbooks based in Costa Rica has made it to the news with its involvement in money laundering case. The case also proves the involvement the director of the national bank of the nation. According to the news of, a renowned media outlet of Costa Rica, the manager of 5Dimes was caught to have links with the companies having Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) accounts that were shut in the month of November. It was because the bank was not able to authenticate the source of funds in the bank.

Money Laundering

The Case…

The 35-year old 5Dimes manager, Marisol Carvajal Cordero was known to have control over the Malta and Dubak based companies that were involved in transferring a total sum of $1.53 billion to the bank’s accounts in 2014. A part of this huge amount was shifted to the parent company of the sportsbook named Red Planet SA, which is headed by Carvajal. Due to the managerial status of Carvajal, the bank was not able to resolve the issue of the transferred amount. In addition to this, an amount of $67 million was shifted to Latin America Trust & Escrow Company SA (Latco) from Caravajal’s account.

Latco was set up with an aim to handle all kinds of real estate administration in the state of Costa Rica. Out of all the amounts deposited in the funds of Latco, 30 percent of it was transferred to the accounts present in Peru and Panama. Further, the rest of the 3 percent was distributed through cashier checks. However, the majority of the shares of Latco are with Manfred Pino and the rest is under the control of his wife.

Status of the investigation

It is known that the investigation was caused due to a dispute between Paola Mora Tumminelli, the president of BCR and Morsink. According to the reports, Morsink was accused of being a writer of the interest complaint that was filed in the month of September against Mora. Mora actually warned Pino about the expected investigation to be launched against the author of the complaint. In fact, Pino lacked the proper documentation that involved Dubai and Malta companies. It is true that he was given only 72 hours to generate the required documents.

The bottom line

The officials of Costa Rica have not actually filed the charges against any party involved in this case. It is yet to be done. However, the entire state-of-affairs has made it clear that the sports bettors in America are required to negotiate when it comes to funding the choices of entertainment. Without a doubt, this is not the first time that the state has been seen involved in money laundering case.

In fact, in the previous months, it was discovered by Western Union that the US federal authorities carried out an investigation against the company’s transaction with other gambling firms. Therefore, the investigation is still going on regarding the case and the authorities are sure to take the desired move.

Be a Part of a Variety of Online Casino Tournaments that Include Casino Games Like Tiki Island Slot

Variety of Online Casino TournamentsThroughout the world, more and more people have become a diehard fan of online casino gambling. Not just they love playing it but like to show their skills and talent by competing with other players in the casino tournaments. The US online casinos offer various events in their tournaments in which various players compete against each other.

The casino gambling industry believes that tournaments are the best way to develop competition and strengthen the spirit of the community, unity and sportsmanship. Since online casinos are always attempting to captivate the attention of more and more players, they keep on introducing various tournaments events.

A Variety of Online Casino Tournaments

Slot Machine Tournaments

Slot machines like Tiki Island slot have become the most preferred choice of both the millennial and older generation. It is simply because of the large variety of slots and their attractive features. Whether it is an online or traditional casino, you can get hold of the slot machine tournaments. Since these slot tournaments offer high prize money, players from around the world compete for it. As a player, you will be allowed to start the tournament with a specific number of initial loans, which is same for very player. The player who is left with the maximum wins at the end of the tournament becomes the winner.

Poker Tournaments

These are other very popular type of tournaments. In poker tournaments, you are required to make an initial payment. However, it is true that a lot many casinos are today offering free poker tournaments, which are also known as freerolls. The excitement and thrill in freerolls is same as in the paid tournaments but the only difference is of the prize money. As compared with the tournaments, a player receives a very small amount of prize due to its free of cost participation. In a poker tournament, all the participating players start with the equal number of chips. However, some casinos permit the players to buy the extra chips but only in a limit.

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack is usually considered the game against the dealer. However, when you are playing a blackjack tournament, you have to compete against other participating players. In this type of tournament, you need to pay a fee like in poker tournament. However, you can enjoy freerolls if you are interested to spend any dollars. You can sign up at an online casino that offers freeroll tournament in blackjack. Remember, the prize money will be much lesser in a freeroll than the paid tournaments.  The player who is left with the chips at the end is declared as the winner.


Therefore, you can play any of these previously discussed tournaments. The online casinos will offer you complete details and information about these tournaments. In fact, you should read the terms and other regulations of the tournaments on your own before actually starting with it. Thus, participate in an online casino tournament and win exciting prizes now.

With e-Sports Betting Going Online, Gambling Opportunity on Casino Games Like Tiki Island Increases

e-Sports BettingThe online world of gaming finds newer and newer ways to entertain their audiences. If you are one of those who is interested in gaming in general, even apart from online betting then you will already know what E-Sport is. But if you are like the many other online casino gamblers who are not aware of the latest betting trend that is growing in massive leaps, then we’ll tell you about the e-sporting events. E-sport is the term for organised video gaming competitions that take place between players or teams. There are many competitive games involved here such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, Quake, Dota 2 among others. eGaming bets is a great example of example of a web location that has been used extensively by cybersport fans in order to place bets on e-sport games since the year 2011.

There has been a massive growth of e sports betting in the recent times and it looks like the same will continue for some time. Computer games are no longer a way of a school kid to release some stress, indeed it has taken a life of its own and playing computer games has become a professional activity and those who are actively involved in it are nothing short of geniuses who are helping make millions of dollars for gambling operators and players alike.

According to the Wikipedia, MLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship Columbus, is also referred to as MLG Columbus 2016. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major, is an upcoming event that will be held by Major League Gaming on March 29-April 3, 2016 in Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA and there is huge number of gamers who are waiting with baited breath. The game has created a great fan-base for itself and is pretty much revered. It will be the first CS:GO Major in North America as well as the first run by Major League Gaming, who previously ran an exhibition CS:GO tournament at X Games Aspen 2015.  It was announced on February 23, 2016 that MLG Columbus 2016 would be the first Counter-Strike tournament with a $1,000,000 prize pool. And the same has got many people excited.

The International e-Sports Federation founded in the year 2008 by nine e-Sports associations from the countries Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Austria,  Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Vietnam and Taiwan is looking forward to have electronic sports recognized as a legitimate sport. The organization is also looking to set up regulations and standards for international e-Sports competitions. And that sounds like a plan.

It is also highly exciting to see a Scandinavian school, creating a course at that focuses on e-sport gaming. In many ways this becomes representative of all that is happening in the world of gaming. It is a taste of changes coming in the world of e-sport play. As of now the e-sport environment is dominated by men but more and more female competitors are being attracted to the scene.

The Year of the Monkey Brings With it Chinese-Themed Slots Unlike Tiki Island Slot

Chinese-Themed SlotsThe Chinese New Year is creating a lot of excitement among major software developers who have used this opportunity to unveil their latest creations all of which are dedicated to the Chinese New Year.

The best thing about being a part of this if you’re going to be sticking around till February and preparing a great deal to celebrate the Chinese New Year as a slot machine fan this this will be your time to get fully immersed into the festive spirit of this holiday by being able to play the three newly released Chinese-themed slots. Indeed it seems like it will be the year of the Monkey is upon us and by playing these well-paying slot machines you, the seasoned players can make sure the start of the new year is auspicious.

It looks like WMS is hell-bent on making players rich, at least that hats what the name if the slot machine gives away. It is called Wishing You Fortune and it has 1024 winning combinations to get all folks super kicked. What makes this game special is the fact that magic done under the hands of the software developer who has not just created a great looking slot but also made room for free spin bonus rounds as well as a special Fortune Reel feature which is not just fun but also super lucrative if you’re going to be at it. Moon Games Casino is one of the few places where players see themselves having a great time indulging in the Chinese-themed slot machine. Except for this there are hundreds of other games compatible with mobile devices.

Before leap out in joy, there is still more waiting your turn, such as this other game that is also dedicated to the Chinese New Year and introduced at the beginning of the month. The game goes by the name of Wu Long and you can enjoy it at the EuroGrand Casino for guaranteed entertainment. Some of the Playtech classic slot machines seem to have a shadow on this game, but brilliantly captures the fragrance of the Chinese holiday. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that the same sign acts as both scatter and wild symbol because of which it triggers free spins and multipliers.

Another one of these treasures you can dig your head deep in is Microgaming’s newest game that called Dragon Dance. This is truly an enjoyable experience and you can play this energetic slot machine at All Slots Casino. In addition to the wild and scatter symbols, the reels are populated by symbols of fortune and power, as well as ones acting as wards against bad luck. There is no shortage of free spins and players enjoy more control over the outcome of each game, as they are allowed to respin any of the five reels. With games like these in store, you can be sure you’re going to have a lot of fun playing this year.