Busted Illegal Italian Online Gambling Ring Had Mafia Connection

Law enforcement authorities in Italy have recently concluded a very successful sting operation against a ring of illegally run internet based gambling sites. The exercise was a major one and it is a point of pride for the Italian authorities since it has managed to nab a large number of gambling sites as well as their Mafia-linked backers. The sting operation is one of the biggest ones ever conducted in the country, and it represents a growing area of concern that the Mafia has its hands in the huge online gambling business. In this particular instance, the illegal operation was masterminded by criminals based in Salerno.

The fast growing and cash rich online gambling industry is a very attractive target for criminals and there are many different types of scams that target gamblers. In this particular instance, players were not aware of the fact that the games were fixed and that they were prevented from making huge wins. Most people trust the gambling site to generate results perfectly at random and they wager large amounts of money trusting their luck.

Mafia Links To Online Gambling

The police operation was conducted in different parts of Salerno and investigations are still underway. The investigation has been given the code name “Operation Jamm Jamm” because the Jamm Jamm club located in San Valentino Torio was one of the casinos that benefited from the profits of the online scams. It is no secret that the club has unsavoury connections with a number of Mafia outfits.

The head of the illegal gambling operation is believed to be Antonio Contaldo who is no stranger to the world of organized crime. As a matter of fact, he has well established ties to the Camorra syndicate in addition to the ‘Ndrangheta. The Jamm Jamm club, which is one of the most visible symbols of Contaldo’s wealth, has now been closed for good.

The police operation has also uncovered a connection to a well-known illegal gambling operator by the name of Luigi Tancredi. Also known as the King of Slots, Tancredi has been managing an illegal gambling ring for many years now. In addition, it is believed that he also owns popular gambling site DollaroPoker. He was arrested earlier this year, along with 10 other people, because of his involvement in an online gambling scam that attracted up to millions of Euros on a daily basis. Tancredi’s illegal operation involved the setting up of poker screens in gambling rooms and bars in different parts of Italy.

Security The Key To Better Online Gambling

The authorities in Italy could certainly have taken steps to stop this illegal gambling ring right from the outset. However, individual gamblers should also have taken the trouble to verify the reliability of a site before they deposited money into an account there. The Italian AAMS provides certification to casinos in order to enable customers to make the right decision. Therefore, individuals can do their bit to keep illegal gambling operations under control, and save their money in the process, by exercising caution when choosing a gambling site.

Customer Care Assumes Utmost Importance for New Jersey’s Casinos

Customer care is an essential part of any online casino. Since, there will be technical issues and there will always be amateur players who would like to know more about the rules and more. The online gambling in New Jersey has been getting some really good and favourable customer care reviews. One of the reasons is because they have really put in a lot of effort in re-defining how customers should be treated and also making a clear distinction between customer care rules in land-based casinos and online ones.

Online gambling was made legal only recently in New Jersey, that is in 2013. And since then they have been on their toes with respect to making it possible for the customers to have a good time. This move was extremely important for iGaming groups. Some of the measures that they focused on was to block underage people from indulging in gambling since it can become an addiction if not curbed at an early age. Moreover, they also kept a tab on gambling that happens from out-of-state, and also made sure that marketing companies did not send random information to all the players while they were enjoying their games. These measures were well thought of and important since this was a new company that was branching out. There were some cases when the marketing kind of took over and interfered with the company, but in such cases the online casinos took responsibility and redeemed themselves by paying heavily. It was in November 2014 when a fine was put on Caesars for $10,000.

No Underage Gambling

While the marketing grudge was resolved quickly and happened only once, there have been several other points which are important to discuss. For example, the fact that underage gambling was never appreciated and encouraged. There hasn’t been a single case of teenagers indulging in online gaming. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that there were cases of underage gambling that happened at land-based casinos in New Jersey. But one should also bear in mind that such cases were only three in number, and since then none have been brought forward or on record.

Adelson’s Weak Argument

Sheldon Adelson who is the casino mogul claims that online casinos are weak when it comes to online gaming. He also lobbies against online gambling. He insists that it is not possible that online casinos can have 100 percent customer care protection. His claims have been put to rest with the condition at the online casinos at New Jersey who have risen above the rank and proved that it is possible to have good customer care relations and that is it nowhere to being impossible like some naysayers claim to be.

This can become as an example for other casinos and something worth noticing. This is something that is the need of the hour and helps retain customers and players. More and more states should take a cue from this model and start practising good customer care relations.

UK Online Gambling Weighs in on EU Referendum

The United Kingdom has provided the gambling industry with one of the best environments in which to operate and this has reflected in the business figures generated by the industry. The industry contributes more that £2.3 billion to the GDP, but its economic footprint exceeds £5 billion. Furthermore, the industry provides employment to more than 40,000 people. The increasing popularity of online gambling means that millions of people from the UK use their laptops and mobile devices to visit online websites.

It is fair to say that the UK is one of the most successful gambling jurisdictions in the world. However, the growing rumblings of the UK’s exit from the European Union have rattled the online gambling community as well. The big EU referendum which is scheduled for the 23rd of June 2016 will have far reaching consequences for the economy of Europe, and this applies to the gambling industry as well.

The United Kingdom has been part of the European Union since 1975, and the “peace, cooperation and understanding between nations” has been particularly beneficial to the gambling industry even if it has plenty of detractors across various fields. In fact, there have been many calls for a Brexit, as the British exit from the union is popularly known. Residents of the UK do not require visas to travel to countries which are part of the EU, and vice versa, but this will obviously no longer be the case in the event of the Brexit taking place.

There are well founded fears that an exit from the EU will result in changes in the rules that govern the industry, and that these changes will ultimately be detrimental to it. As a matter of fact, the issue has become so important that the major gambling operators are beginning to see their profits threatened and are therefore mobilizing political support. They see major benefits to remaining in the EU, and have expressed their intention to take the fight to different levels.

Gambling businesses, like other businesses that operate across different jurisdictions within the EU, do not want their freedom to be curtailed. UK based gambling businesses have been extremely successful at attracting customers from all over EU nations because the industry is well-managed and reliable here. Restrictions on travel and doing business between European countries will deal a death blow to the gambling business and these companies will be hard pressed to stay profitable.

It is believed that the gambling industry will leave no stone unturned to campaign for staying within the EU. They will have to target individual voters and provide them with their side of the argument so that the ballots come out in their favour. According to reliable sources, the online gambling industry in the UK will give travel trade organization ABTA the responsibility of being the official voice of its battle. Of course, the final decision lies with each and every British citizen, and it will truly be interesting to see which way they turn this June.

Omni Slots Casino Upgrades its Content With AMANET Gaming Titles

Omni Slots Casino has taken an important step to enhance its gaming content by tying up with well known game software provider Amatic. The agreement, which comes into effect from March 2016 will provide the casino site with a number of interesting titles that will help it maintain its customer base. Omni Slots already has quite a good collection of slot games but the new titles will make the site even more attractive to its customers. In fact, its existing content has been enhanced by 28 fancy new video slots in addition to 14 fruit machines from Amatic. The company says that the tie up with Amatic is for the long term and this means that customers of the site can get many more games from the developer.

The Amatic deal will give customers of Omni Slots Casino access to immensely popular slot games ones such as Wild Diamonds and Admiral Nelson. Wild Diamonds has the look and feel of an old school fruit machine but it is a modern game that has fancy animation and lots of interesting features. The Admiral Nelson Slot is an exciting slot game with 10 pay lines and exciting graphics. Other games include Bells on Fire, Hot Seven, and Book of Fortune. The games are highly exacting and they provide players with an excellent gaming experience that they can be part of at any time of the day or from any location.

Omni Slots is extremely popular with online gamblers for a number of reasons, one of which is that the site is optimized for mobile use. Increasing numbers of gamblers are opting to use their mobile devices to gamble on the internet, but very few sites offer content that looks good and is easy to play on a smart phone or tablet. Omni Slot’s compatibility with mobile devices will definitely benefit it in the long term. Omni already has a number of slots including Blue Dolphin, Magic Forest, Big Panda, and Lovely Lady.

The online casino also runs a number of interesting promotions from time to time and these promotions are very successful at helping the company attract and retain its customers. The Love Boat Tournament is a good example of the casino’s exciting promotions. Running through the month of February, it gave customers the opportunity to win cruise and flight tickets. The company also offers excellent promotional bonuses that come along with very reasonable wagering requirements.

Amatic Industries is also a well established presence in the gaming industry. It has been in business for more than 20 years and has built its reputation by creating games for land based casinos. According to Tatjana Bauer-Engstberger, a representative of the company, the company is looking forward to expanding its presence in the online gaming industry because this is clearly where the future of the business lies.

Both Omni Slots Casino and Amatic Industries are companies worth watching out for in the future since they seem to be taking all the right steps to give customers the gambling experience they want.

Why Internet Gambling is Better than Land Based Gambling

The internet has transformed the way in which we do practically everything and this applies to gambling as well. Gambling has now become far more accessible than before thanks to the internet. In case you haven’t attempted gambling on the internet so far, then the following reasons will convince you to give it a try.

The internet helps you to gamble without any unnecessary temptations from the restaurant or bar. If you visit land based casinos often, then you also probably end up ordering far more food or drink than is good for your health (or your wallet) because it is really very difficult to resist these temptations.

It’s really very easy to gamble when you choose to do it online since all you have to do is connect to the internet and log into the site of your choice. A visit to a land based casino, on the other hand, involves a commute no matter where you live. Not only will you have to set time aside for travelling but you will also have to pay for transportation, car parking and other charges.

A session of online gambling can be started and finished at any time that suits you. However, you might end up gambling far more than you intended when you go to a land based casino since you might feel the pressure of making full use of your visit there.

Web based casinos tend to offer lower stakes than land based ones, and this is especially so during weekends and other peak gambling periods when land based casinos raise their stakes considerably in order to rake in income. Therefore, you can gamble a lot more on the internet for the same amount of money.

If you enjoy gambling but don’t particularly like hanging out with others then online gambling is the best thing for you. You can play all sorts of games without distractions from other people. What’s even better is that you won’t have long queues to deal with. You can even play your favourite music or watch a show of your choice while you gamble on the internet. You can even go about your daily chores while you are gambling.

You can switch from one game to another, or even move between casinos, with a few clicks of your mouse. In case you don’t enjoy the gambling experience then you can just change it to meet your needs.

Online casinos offer fabulous promotions when you sign up to play on them. You can get very good bonuses when you deposit money into your online playing account and sometime even when you just sign up. Keep in mind, however, that the use of these bonuses is governed by many rules and regulations, and also that these rules vary from site to site. Even so, you will get excellent value for money from online sites. On the other hand, land based casinos hardly ever offer any promotions.

There are so many online casinos in operation these days that you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your needs the best.

When People Took Advantage of St. Patrick’s Day Gambling Promotions

Enterprising online gaming companies who constantly look out for ideas to promote their products and services have found yet another occasion to market their products. St. Patrick’s Day which has the distinction of being celebrated in large number of countries and is not merely celebrated as a religious function but as a cultural one too, has been now chosen by the internet gaming companies to promote the various deals. While St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the globe, in countries like Ireland and Canada, the day is marked with greater enthusiasm and fervour.

Online games with Irish themes

As St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland to venerate the beginning of Christianity in the land, it is not a surprise to see the huge gaiety associated with the day. Interesting it is on this day that restrictions imposed on account of lent is relaxed, thereby opening the floodgates for unrestrained celebrations. Thus for all the online games which have different Irish themes, this is a perfect opportunity to join the celebration. Thus maximum deals are unveiled on this day by the internet gaming companies. Regular visitors to these gaming sites who are well aware of the offers being extended on the St. Patrick’s Day make it a point to thoroughly check out all the offers before they wager their hard earned monies at a site.

Advantages of online betting

With great number of choices now available for bettors, easiest way to quickly enjoy these many events is to play the games online. Additionally since games could be conveniently played on the mobile platform now, with the least hardship users are able to play out their favourite games and make some useful money also. Traditional sport like horse racing which is still popular and enjoys massive support from bettors has also gone online now. In Britain, Cheltanham festival, which overlaps with St. Patrick’s Day, is renowned for horse racing. Patronage for the event is extended not just by the locals but by tourists hailing from the nearby lands like Ireland. Thus with lots of interesting options open for bettors, online betting services are a good tool for punters to place bets on different games and events from their home.

Licensed online sites

Now, punters also have the safety net of placing bets online using licensed sources. With the licensed online gaming sites, bettors feel assured about the safety aspects and place bets without worrying about compromising on personal information. With more and more online sites sprouting up, bettors could benefit by taking time to source details from different sites and choosing the best site to bet. As deals including bonuses vary from one website to another, punters are advised to browse through the terms and conditions including the offers before placing their wager at a site. Online betting sites offer variety of gifts to users both in the form of cash and kind and hence punters could make the very best use of the situation by getting rewarded for the activity they love to indulge in.

Some Basic Strategies That You Need to Know While Playing Online Slot Games

Slots have always been very popular in the old days and even now. The Internet has taken the casino world to another level by providing games in virtual casinos. Online slots are a treat to play. It is amazing to see how the stakes can be very high giving you a thumping rush. You can also play slots for free. Most of the websites have a trial run as well. Hence, if you are an amateur, you can play the game for free and practice. When your skills improve, you can take the casino world with money. There are some online video slots that are superb such as Tiki Island video slot. They offer an attractive first-time deposit bonus. When you start playing you already have a handsome amount in your account. Moving on, they have great promotions and bonus deals, almost every week. Try it out today.

But slots is a tricky game to play since half of it depends on your luck. Hence, we have devised certain strategies to make sure that you do not fall in any sort of trap there.

Believing that slot machines have a cycle according to which they win is a stupid idea. With the concept of random number generator coming into existence, you practically have no way of knowing whether a machine will pay out at a given point in time or not. Hence, do not wait for machines to perform poorly and only then will you go ahead and play on it. The machine might, for all you know, never pay out a jackpot. Hence, it is important to keep trying different machines and not get stuck with one. Another way to look at this scenario is that if a slot machine is performing poorly, it might be because it had just given out a jackpot. Hence, it has to balance out the savings and the winnings.

Try to bet maximum when playing on progressive slot machines. The simple reason is that progressive slot machine accumulates a certain portion of every stake that a player wagers over a period of time. If you are lucky and you hit a jackpot, you might have a chance to take home millions. Betting maximum coins is a good strategy, one that is effective yet not very harmful. If you activate all the pay lines, bet on the maximum value of the coins, then you will be eligible for winning the jackpot.

Manage your money on an everyday basis. It is very easy to lose track of the time and money when one is indulged in playing slots. Make separate accounts for both the expenses. Take out and put in money in the casino account only when you win more than you invest. Also, take out some time to play slots every day, make sure you do not over indulge in the game that you lose track of time and mess up your schedule. This will be harmful in the long run.