Thrill Seekers Enjoy Playing Online Slots

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and people living in different parts of the world enjoy all sorts of wagering. The main reason for its popularity is that it provides an immense thrill every time the person plays it. Take playing online slots for instance, like Tiki Island slot. The game is as easy as it gets, but players get an great deal of thrills whenever they spin the game because there can be only one of two outcomes. The game is very fast paced and there is no time to think about the outcome since it becomes clear to the player soon enough!

It’s no surprise that slot games are the most popular of the different types of gambling options available. People can sit for ages in front of slot machines while the machine accumulates wins and losses at a rapid pace. As a matter of fact, many dedicated slot players even maintain that they feel one with the machine and have no idea where the time went. Experts say that this happens because of the speed at which slot games are played; the player moves from uncertainty to certainty at a very rapid pace and this blurs time very effectively. What’s worrying is that it isn’t just the passing of time that is obscured. Slot players are often unable to keep track of the amount of money they wager. Needless to say, this is a problem because it can cause them to lose quite a bit of money in a relatively short while.

It is clear to see that what makes slot games so exciting is exactly what makes it dangerous. As a matter of fact, there are claims that game software development companies use technology to manipulate the way in which people make decisions when they gamble for real money. Experts maintain that slot games are designed to be extremely fast in order to cause addiction. Its not uncommon for players to do a thousand hands in a minute in what can best be described as a blur of playing. Poker, on the other hand, is not addictive because it a slow game that requires a lot of planning and thinking.

Another factor that makes slots relatively addictive is that it is a solitary game. While poker players do a fair amount of socializing while they are waiting between hands, slots players tend to play with complete focus and dedication which can easily lead to addiction.

Since the dangers associated with playing slot games have been mentioned very clearly it is up to the industry to ensure that gamblers get the help they need to avoid falling into a debt trap. Of course, not everyone who plays slots is likely to get addicted because there is a personal element to this as well. Even so, the industry should ensure that all players have a great time when they gamble and that they keep coming back for more in order to enjoy themselves and not because they are addicted.

Does Online Gaming Have an Effect on Land-based Casinos? What’s Your Take?

The advent of internet marketing has posed stiff challenges to the traditional forms of marketing. In fact there is a line of thought which suggest that ultimately the brick and mortar outlets would not survive the competition from the online sites. There have been recent instances of brick and mortar outlets shutting shop due to decrease in sales turnover. Reason for the dip in turnover is attributed to the competition from the internet based marketing companies.

Judging Performance of Companies

To judge the performance of an enterprise and an industry, it is necessary to look at the critical parameters like how its stocks are faring in the market, without merely looking at how many have shut shop. Thus when the stocks of few land based casinos are analysed truer picture of how they are performing emerges. Some of the casinos which have been taken up for the case study include, MGM Resorts International, Boyd Gaming Corporation, Wynn Resorts, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc and Penn National Gaming. How the stock markets have reacted to these scrip’s give a fair indication of how the investors view the company and the industry. A fall in stock of a company obviously point to the drop in confidence of investors either in the company or on the industry or both.

Investor Profile

Yet another indicator of the health of a company could be the profile of the investors. When the stock holding data of MGM Resorts International is analysed, it is seen that among the investors are many high profile individuals and institutions. This clearly implies that the company has lot of potential, even though temporary setbacks to its stocks are observed. Shares of MGM Resorts are apparently on a strong wicket as online casinos not only battle the established players in the industry but also the various laws which shackle its growth.

Long Term Performance of the Company’s Stock

Another important parameter to judge the health of a company is to look at how the stocks have been faring over the years and not just look at the immediate fall in the stock value. Thus stocks of MGM Resorts and Boyd Gaming Corp though might have suffered few setbacks at the moment, the surge in stocks over the recent past imply that all is not lost for the companies. Interestingly, Boyd Gaming now has also ventured into online gaming activities to stay ahead of the times.

The Area of Operation

Stocks of companies do plummet when the company invests in volatile regions. This does not thus mean that the business as such is in doldrums. Such is the case of Wynn Resorts, as the investments made in Macau have hurt the fortunes of its scrip. But this could be a short term phenomenon, as once the business in the region stabilises the stocks could rise too. Pinnacle Entertainment and Penn National Gaming too have simultaneously diversifying into the online segment so as retain their competitiveness. Thus the smart casino players are not likely to be edged out for now by online challenge.

The US Commerce Committee’s Plan to Hear Testimonies on DFS, Online Gambling and More…

The US have steadfastly been opposing the entry and regulation of different forms of gambling activities, in spite of plea from time to time from various stakeholders for legalisation of the same. The state of New Jersey however has bucked this trend and has permitted betting activities. While lobbying for regulation and legalization of the gambling activities in US have been a regular feature for over a decade in US, no breakthrough has been made in this regard. In a fresh bid to open the issue, a hearing has been planned on May 11th in the presence of the members of the subcommittee of the House of Representatives. This public hearing has been called largely on the initiative of Frank Pallone Jr, the New Jersey Rep who is also on the board of Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee for very long period of time.

D-day for Gambling Activities

Great interest has been generated in the camps of both the pro and anti gaming with the call of the public hearing on May 11th to decide about the future of the games in US. Neutral observers are keenly looking forward to the hearing to see which way the tide turns in states of US as regards the regulation of the gaming activities. Amongst the gaming activities whose fortunes could be determined after the May 11th public hearing is that of Daily Fantasy Sports. New Jersey which so far has not plunged headlong in the daily fantasy sports activities is proposing to include and regularise these activities on par with other online gaming activities. This however is frowned by two of the top DFS promoters like FanDuel and DraftKings, as such a move could club their activities along with other gambling sites.

The State of Online Gambling in the US

Different types of online games which face restriction in US include the casino games, poker and sports betting sites. Interestingly, while none of these online activities have been termed illegal under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006, the Act has practically restricted any activity being carried out by these sites by disallowing payments for these activities. While such a status quo was maintained till 2011, Justice Department while clarifying the attorney generals of Illinois and New York query ruled that online sports betting alone could be termed illegal and not the remaining two. This has resulted in online casino betting to gain legal status in states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

Questions on Daily Fantasy Sports

The way DFS sites shaped up in an all too friendly and innocuous fashion, made the legislatures to exempt it from the UIGEA 2006. But subsequent developments including bigger stakes and more entrepreneurs turning the DFS sites as lucrative business proposition has made the State to review the status of the sites. As the activities of DFS sites are not much different from those of online sports betting sites, accusations of inconsistencies in laws are being aired, thus forcing the government to take a close look at these sites now.

GVC Likely to Face Lawsuit Over Collapsed Canadian Deal

Online gambling company GVC Holdings, no stranger to controversies, is likely to face a class action lawsuit in the jurisdiction of Canadian on account of its joint venture in that country collapsing. The legal problems faced by the company arise from the failure of its Sportingbet brand, which entered into a joint venture with a Canadian firm helmed by former ice hockey star Doug Honeger.

The charge against the gambling company is being led by a law firm from Ontario known as Findlay McCarthy PC. The law firm has even started a website in order to get more information about the allegedly illegal activities of Sportingbet. The company was in operation in the Canadian market from 2005 and 2015 during which time it is believed to have broken Canadian gambling law on numerous occasions in its pursuit of profits.

The problems faced by Sportingbet are hardly a small issue since it is not easy to deal with a class action lawsuit. In fact, the legal firm is seeking reimbursement for all wagers placed with Sportingbet by Canadian residents for the entire duration of its operation in that country. This is potentially a major problem for the company since the customers number in their thousands. Even worse, the law firm will ask for punitive damages from the gambling operator in the event that the allegations against it are proven true.

The action against GVC Holdings is related to another lawsuit filed against it last year by Doug Honeger of 37 Entertainment Inc (37E). The Montreal-based Honeger said that his company had complete access to the customer details of Sportingbet, including their personal and banking data as well as betting histories during the period that his company had the job of managing Sportingbet’s Canadian operations. The alliance between 37E and Sportingbet took place for two years between 2014 and 2015.

GVC, on the other hand, says that it never entered into a formal agreement with 37E. If the allegations raised by Honeger are proven to be true then it looks like GVC has broken Canadian law by omitting to inform its customers that their personal and financial data would be shared with a third party. The lawyer is also planning to go deep into the issue to find out whether GVC ever took the trouble of conducting a background clearance check on 37E and on Honeger and his business associate Barry Alter. The aim will be to prove that the company was in contravention of the terms of its gaming license from Malta.

Honeger has provided his unique insight into GVC’s problems. He went on to say that his company’s joint venture with GVC was abandoned on account of the other company’s pursuit of its main competitor Digital Entertainment which was valued at approximately £1.1 billion. The issue is headed towards the arbitration court in London this July. As bad as the news sounds, it doesn’t seemed to have fazed the shareholders of GVC since the company’s share price increased 1.5% to touch 532.5p.

Amendments in the South African National Gambling Policy

The wait of the final version of South African National Gambling Policy for 2016 is certainly now over. Yes, the Department of Trade has recently released the latest and the final version to keep the gambling environment fair and safe for all including the bettors and the players both.

About the Final Version

South Africa has a great land-based casino market at present. Considering the same, the knockout punch of the policy paper has clearly mentioned that any type of gambling form will not be allowed in the nation at this hour. Without a doubt, it has crushed the hopes of various operators who were ready to launch new form of gambling. Nonetheless, the liberalization of online gambling market will be continued in the future too.

The Reason Behind the New Law

While talking about the reason of this new statute by the Department of Trade, it is simply because the South African government believes that online gambling is not actually labor intensive inherently. In addition to this, the government argues that even if this online industry is legalized, it will not generate much lucrative job opportunities as compared with land-based casinos.

Not only this, the government has made it clear that it aims at protecting gambling activities that can produce jobs and help in the betterment of the society. Therefore, it shows a clear support of the government to the traditional casinos in the country and land-based market at this time.

The Status of Online Gambling in South Africa

In South Africa, only online sports betting are allowed. In fact, even the poker and other verticals of it are not permitted here. It is true that online sports betting are very popular in the nation and the government has restated the earlier concerns of equipping more forms of gambling.

The government is clear about the fact that the country is presently not capable of regulating online gambling but it aims at preventing any type of illegal operations in this market. The objectives of the government make sense and its actions are also justified.

The Proposed Amendments

The recent changes have suggested adapting the national infrastructure in order to block the entire attempts at online gambling strictly. The further changes aim at making amendments in the National Gambling Act in order to restrict all the service providers from providing any access to the illegal gambling websites.

For sure, this is a very effective move, as many operators today allow illegal access to their gambling sites. In addition to this, banks and all the other financial institutions will also be restricted to provide their banking services on such illegal gambling websites. If at all, it happens, the bank will be charged with a penalty.


At this point, it is not clear that to what extent these policy changes will prove to be effective. However, it is sure that it will bring about more transparency and will improve the entire structure of the gambling market in South Africa. Yes, the policy builders seem sufficed with the changes they have proposed.

Cricket Star Slot-The Newest Release by Microgaming

Microgaming has always been the highly popular online casino game developer in the world. In the year 1994, this gaming developer was the first to introduce the internet casino. It is a fact that this company has set its name in the iGaming industry. Until date, this casino software provider has come up with the most exciting section of slot games. Microgaming today owns more than hundreds of gaming titles and seems to find inspiration in magical creatures sports, movies and fairy tales. This is clearly visible, as the slots by this provider are based upon the most exclusive and exciting themes.

About Cricket Star Slot

Microgaming has today come up with its newest of the new slot named Cricket Star. As the name suggests, this slot games is based upon cricket and can be played at the casinos that are powered by Microgaming. In addition to this, you can also try playing this slot at the gaming websites that use the services of the companies mentioned in the list at

While talking about the features of cricket star slot, it is a 5-reel game with three rows. After starting with this game, you may think that it lacks the traditional playlines like in other slots. However, the slot offers you an opportunity to win the game in 243 ways. This simply means that you have improved chances of winning in the cricket star slot. Players who want to place the highest number of coins in the single session are 105,000.

Designs and Symbols of Cricket Star Slot

Another most fascinating feature of this game is that winning symbols here actually disappear. As a result, it gives way to the new symbols to appear on the screen and create amazing winning combinations for the players. To add on, the design of the game is another attraction. The cricket star slot hardly uses any random symbols like the infamous card symbols.

On the other hand, each icon in this slot has been tailored to complement the cricket theme of it. You will be excited to see the fielders, umpires, bowlers and batsmen in the game. Moreover, you can also see cricket ball, fans and coach as well. The logo of the game is the wild symbol and is featured almost 40 times.

The best part is that even if you are an amateur playing this game, you will be easily able to understand the ways to win the juicy prizes of the slot. The slot features stacked wilds and wild wicket bonus that can bring in a great prize for you on being hit. In addition to this, players can also get hold of other bonus opportunities to win real cash.


Without a doubt, cricket star slot is worth playing at least once especially for the cricket lovers. Microgaming has equipped this slot with number of unique features, which are sure to grab attention of players around the globe. Thus, you can sign up at a Microgaming powered casino and try your hands at cricket star slot.

Microgaming Releases Brand New Version of Bar Bar Black Sheep

If you are an online gambler then you’ve probably come across a whole lot of slot games from Microgaming. In fact, if you’ve been playing long enough then you might even have tried your hand at the company’s classic slot title Bar Bar Black Sheep. This three-reel slot game has long been a favourite of gamers everywhere on account of its fast pace and attractive visuals.

The good news is that Microgaming has reworked this classic slot game to appeal to newer audiences who now prefer slicker and faster games with better animation and sound effects. The newly remade Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game offers all of these and more and has been released earlier this month to a number of casinos that feature content from this top rated developer. In addition, the game will be available for desktop as well as mobile play in keeping with the changing habits of gamers. If you are keen to try out the modern version of the classic game then you could visit a number of Microgaming sites such as 7Sultans Casino, Crazy Vegas Casino, and All Slots Casino.

Bright And Cheerful Game

The new Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game is extremely eye-catching and colourful, and you will encounter its familiar characters in a reworked and better setting. The game has the tried and tested Microgaming interface that you are probably used to and this makes it very easy to get started on it. The animation isn’t very sophisticated but the game is still hugely enjoyable. It has a very good soundtrack as well that matches perfectly with the visuals.

Special Features For A Better Playing Experience

You’ll be surprised to see that the makers have integrated part of the original Bar Bar Black Sheep into the new one’s gameplay. There is a special feature – a short mini game that used the old 3-reel slot game. If you get a black sheep and two BAR symbols in the correct alignment on the reels then you’ll be given an on-screen bonus that causes the three symbols to spin and come up with a multiplier. What is truly amazing is that the multiplier can go up to 999 times the original bet! You’ll be also happy to see that the bonus game happens quite often. There is also a free spins feature that is triggered when three ‘bags of wool’ symbols appear anywhere on the screen. The style of the game changes slightly when this happens and the altered version has dark reels. There are multipliers to be won from these free spins and you can increase your earnings substantially! Like all modern slot games, this one too has Wild symbols which can change the outcome of a spin to your advantage.

Overall, Bar Bar Black Sheep is a very good game to play and you can try your hand at the maximum £95,000 prize money. Its return to player rate is 95.03% which means that you stand a fairly good chance of getting most of your wagers back.

Magical Stacks Slot – A Japanese Themed Game for Slots Fanatics

Playtech stands out from other gaming software developers on the basis of the frequency at which the company releases slot games for web based casinos. The company has been around for more than 17 years and it can claim to be one of the best known businesses in the industry, releasing game after game that is designed to meet the needs of players of all types. One of the latest games released by the company, Magical Stacks Slot Machine, promises to be everything that gamers are looking for when they click on a slot game at an online gaming site.

Magical Stacks slot game is quite different from other slot games on account of its Japanese look. The game has a fabulous graphic design that looks to Japanese anime design for inspiration. As a matter of fact, the game has a three dimensional look that is very hard to resist since the designers very clearly know what customers are looking for.

One of the best things about the Magical Stacks game is that it actually manages to look like a proper slot game in a land based casino. The look of the Magical Stacks game is made even more attractive thanks to its use of traditional Vegas symbols such as triple Sevens, the watermelon, cherries, and even the bar icon. The Japanese look is emphasised thanks to images such as a girl with pink hair, another one with white hair, and also a white cat. Furthermore, the poker cards featured in the game have a uniquely Japanese touch.

Plenty Of Wilds And Scatters

Most slot games have wilds and scatters, and punters enjoy coming across them because of how they can increase their wins. In this game, the Wilds work as joker symbols and can help make up a number of winning combinations across the active paylines (there are 20 of them in the game). The scatters are also worth looking forward to because they can result in 10 free spin rounds and can also be retriggered. Players will also love the Super Magical Free Spin Bonus because it gives them a Dynamic Multiplier that can increase a win by anything between 2 and 5 times for every win.

Players will also enjoy the Mystery Boxes feature of this game. These boxes are easy to spot on account of the question marks they carry! If a player were to get more than one of these Mystery Boxes on the screen then the boxes would turn into any one regular symbol. What this means is that it is possible to make really huge wins on this feature. As a matter of fact, this is very likely to be one of the most profitable games available.

Definitely Worth Playing

There is no doubt at all that Magical Stacks is a game worth playing since it has a bit of everything that players need to have a good time. Considering that the game is from Playtech, it should be very easy to find it online.

A Quick Update About the US Gambling Legislation

Some states in the US have still not legalised gambling. Only in 2015, about seven of the US states were in talks to legalise gambling. But the attempt was largely futile. As of now, gambling in terms of online games like Tiki Island slot can be found in only three states namely: Delaware, Nevada, US Virgin Islands and New Jersey. It should be noted that in the state of Nevada, there was no legislation regarding gambling in online casinos. On the other hand, only poker activities were put into law.

It was last year when states such as Mississippi, Illinois, California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington and Pennsylvania have changed some of the laws related to poker and online casinos. Six House bills were issues by the legislators of Pennsylvania, that too separately. In terms of implementation of the laws, chances are that they will be able to act upon them as compared to other states. Only California is the state that has seen about three bills to be introduced to the Assembly and one of them might be introduced to the Senate.

There have always been more than one reason for the legalisation for online gambling in various states. One of the most obvious ones is revenues. Many states where online gambling has been implemented have started generating good revenues that has helped the government in several ways. Hence, this acts as an impetus for them as well to implement the same thing in other states as well. On the other hand, the second reason is the fact that the US Department of Justice has also made it clear that the Wire Act, which was implemented in 1961 applied only to sports betting. With this declaration, states such as New Jersey, Nevada and more tested this law, and most of the results were favourable. When other states saw their success, they also followed suit. There are chances of amendment on the state level though. But the ongoing debate on the federal level to acknowledge the Restore America’s Wire Act. There is apparently a lot of money behind the entire scheme. The only advancement that we can expect is at the state level, and not anywhere else as of now. In a report published in 2009 by the Rep. Jim McDermott stated that there will be revenues of more than $42 billion over a period of 10 years.

Is the market supposed to return to normal someday is the question most frequently asked when it comes to the state of online gambling. Some of the big players in the market such as Microgaming have seen to make a return into the gambling market. One of the most successful companies in the Europe, Microgaming as has made their presence felt in the US market as well. Playtech is also one such big company has produces and makes commendable online casino games. Hence, it is will the infiltration of such companies that will pave the way for better online casino games, and hence more players will get attracted to it.

Rivers Casino Hosts Lobbying Group Discussing Gambling Expansion

The American casino industry’s leading trade association is of the opinion that the United States could legalise sports betting in a very short time and that the incoming president could even play a role in bringing this about. This, along with other important issues concerning the industry, was the topic of a panel discussion conducted at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. As a matter of fact, the American Gaming Association’s President and CEO, Geoff Freeman, also said that there was a very strong likelihood of sports betting getting legalized within three to five years.

The American Gaming Association meeting was part of its initiative known as “Gaming Votes” set up to study and publicize the impact that the casino industry has on overall economic development in states where the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries are taking place. This lobbying group based in Washington, D.C. has already conducted similar events in four other states, namely Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, and Ohio. There will be another event in Michigan.

The gambling industry is a major provider of jobs wherever it exists and the objective of the American Gaming Association is to inform presidential hopefuls about the importance of the industry. While the lobbying body doesn’t intend to directly ask the presidential candidates for any commitments it does wish to provide them with the necessary information about the industry. The gambling industry in the United States has a footprint in 40 states and the overall business it generates on a yearly basis is $250 billion. All put together, the casinos also provide employment to approximately 1.7 million people.

Freeman also talked about a problem that the industry was facing in the state of Pennsylvania. In the state of Pennsylvania alone, the economic activity associated with gambling exceeds $6 billion, from which approximately $2.5 billion is contributed to the exchequer in the form of taxes thanks in part to a 55% tax on regular slots. However, the AGA is opposing the Pennsylvania government’s proposal to impose an 8% tax on free slot games. Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed this tax to bring in an extra $51 million in taxes to help cover a budget deficit. However, this move might prove to be detrimental to the industry and also to the taxes generated from it.

Another issue that the AGA has been following is the Internal Revenue Service’s proposal to use casino comp cards to track individual gamblers’ winnings and to set a $600 reporting bar for wins from keno, bingo, and slot machines from the existing level of $1,200.

The AGA is doing all it can to help the gambling industry grow and continue creating jobs. Craig Clark, the General Manager of the Rivers Casino also agreed with Freeman’s observation that sports betting and online betting were important for the future of the gambling industry. As a matter of fact, Clark also said that even though Rivers was able to attract more than 4.6 million customers every year, it was eager to get involved in both areas. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 has been found to be terribly outdated and the US government should consider changing it to reflect the present situation.