A Player Lucked Out and Won £2,389,933 at Sky Millions!

Everyone who ever played in online casinos have the fantasy to win the jackpot. There are some people who only play progressive jackpots so that they can win elaborate amounts. Only once in a while you might come across someone who has actually won something on one of these online gaming websites. Only recently, NYX Gaming Group announced that a lucky player has won the jackpot. The player has won £2,389,933 at the Sky Millions game at the Sky Vegas casino. This player has won this tremendous amount right two days after Christmas in 2015. Now, we all know what he asked Santa for, bucketload of money!Sky Millions

The player wishes to stay anonymous and we respect his privacy, but he has been a regular and winning the amount obviously must have made him exceptionally elated. On further questioning, we found out that this player was playing on a progressive jackpot. It is this reason why he won such a big amount. Firstly, we need to understand the difference between a normal jackpot and the progressive jackpot. In a normal jackpot, you get the amount in that particular slot game. In a progressive jackpot, all the points are combined together, hence the amount is much larger in number. We also know that some 30 minutes into the game and the slot machine started gurgling with noises and whistles which clearly indicated that the player had won the massive jackpot.

Another aspect to be noted is the fact that Sky Millions is an amazing slot game. It is NYX’s top-rated slot machines with amazing promotions and bonus offers. It also offers a wide range of weekly and monthly promotions. Originally formulated to be a Cryptologic game, it was soon converted to a NYX-suite game. It is also available in all participating online casinos now. The game is exciting and very easy to understand. Once you start playing, there is a high chance that you might not be able to get off it.

£2.4 Million with One Game?

Honestly, all slot games have a lot to do with luck as well. You cannot expect to win every game you play. Sometimes there are players who play every day for long hours and still don’t win anything. Then there are players who win massive amounts in the beginning. This has nothing to do with what kind of a person you are, but about luck favouring you or not. If you are aiming at big jackpots such as this one, you need to have the courage to wager big and at the progressive jackpot. It is a pooled amount and hence massive in numbers.

Sky Millions also has amazing bonus features. Hence, even if you do not win progressive jackpot, you have a fair chance to win the monthly and weekly jackpots, which are also amazing. The Chief Product officer of SkyBet, Scott Smith said in a statement that such a huge amount is truly life-changing and that he is happy such as thing happened in the gambling world.

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