Play My Way System is Set to Make its Debut in Casinos

After planning for months, Massachusetts is fully prepared to launch the limiting bet system called Play My Way system in the province. If this is implemented, Massachusetts would be the first state in the whole of United States to do so. Although some pushbacks came from the gambling industry, the state officials saw if off.

Marlene Warner, Executive Director, Massachusetts Gambling Commission said that the organisation is trying to save casual punters from becoming addictive. In no way the mission is to chase the gambling addict. Massachusetts gambling commission is working with the State Gambling Commission on this. Warner in a latest statement mentioned that the tool is designed for prevention and not eradication. The organisation wants punters to gamble for fun purposes without getting into any financial trouble and putting their families at risk.

The new Play My Way system has already been installed in Plainridge Park and one single casino in Massachusetts. It is expected that the new limit play will go live in close to 1250 casinos across the city within a very few days. If the system works, the gambling commission can implement this in two different casinos namely Springfield one and Boston-area.

Mashpee Wampanoag tribe which is accredited by the state officials is building a new casino cum Resort in the sovereign land of Taunton. The officials from the new casino mentioned that they are also reviewing the play my way principle for their casino but yet to take any stance on it. The company has not committed to the officials to employ the Play My Way system during its launch sometime in the year 2017.

Many authorities including the American Gaming Association and Massachusetts casino Operators protested against the play my way norms initially. They argued that many countries including Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway have tried this practice, but no fruitful results have come out from such endeavours.

Later the American Gaming Commission changed its stunts and said that after a productive conversation, the AGC is certain that the new norms would be able to help a lot of punters who are in need of it. Christopher Moyer, the spokesperson for the American Gaming Association stated that a little segment of the whole gambling community might be able to get help from this kind of initiative. He also added that this tool will go a long way in making sure that players stick to responsible gambling norms.

The Play My Way system is not mandatory and therefore casinos have little threat from it. A player can easily go against it and opt for a slot such the Tiki Island slot. Most casinos will implement this in their reward program. If a player nears to their betting limit, they will start receiving notifications about their limit. If a player crosses his limit, he will automatically be logged out of the game. The game can only be restarted if the player chooses to put on some money and start the play all over again.

While the initial responses from the operators are favourable, it remains to be seen how punters react to this going forward.

Netherlands Government to not Interfere With Curaçao Online Casinos

The government of the Netherlands prefers to stay out of the issue of regulating online casinos operating from Curaçao. Netherlands Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk said that the managing of the gambling industry based in Curaçao and St. Maarten is purely an autonomous issue of the countries in question, even if there have been found to be many illegalities in how the industry is run. In fact, Plasterk went on to say that he would not comment on the actions of individual companies and people.

The question of whether the Netherlands government would take action against gambling sites from Curaçao involved with illegal activities was raised by two members of the Netherlands parliament, Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak and VVD member Andre Bosman. They pointed out that the gambling industry in Curaçao was unregulated and operated without any supervision. The two ministers also share the opinion that Dutch national telecom company UTS is involved with these illegal activities.

The ministers also asked for an investigation into the activities of the accountancy firm KPMG in this context. There were reports in the media that KPMG was involved in checking the finances of Francesco Corallo, an influential casino owner in St. Maarten. However, KPMG Dutch Caribbean released a statement at that time denying any involvement with Francesco Corallo.

The Ministry of Security and Justice in the Hague is indeed concerned about Curaçao based companies operating in the Dutch market. However, Plasterk did not indicate whether the Ministry would supervise the operation of these casinos.

UTS weighed in on the issue by releasing a press statement that the two MPs had a double agenda in making accusations against it. The company was also disturbed that its reputation had been affected. In fact, the telecom called upon local MPs in Curaçao to discuss the issue with the Dutch government.

Plasterk went on to explain that any possible illegalities had to be looked into by the Public Prosecutor’s Offices in Curaçao and St. Maarten. The Minister of Justice of that country would have the responsibility of taking the issue further. However, he did say that the Netherlands government would get into the picture in case of any criminal activities.

The May 2015 agreement between Netherlands and St. Maarten on fighting crime costs the Hague €22.1 million every year. The Prosecutor’s Office in Curaçao has definitely been going against illegal gambling activities, as the successful action against lottery bigwig Robbie dos Santos showed. NAf. 72.5 million was seized during this exercise and dos Santos received a two year prison term.

The issue is unlikely to die down in a hurry since people from the Netherlands are increasingly taking to online gambling as a great form of entertainment. People, in ever increasing numbers, are using their laptops, PCs and smart phones to access online sites to play a variety of games such as Tiki Island slots. If the government doesn’t ensure that people have well regulated sites to visit then they will lose a great deal of money.