Play My Way System is Set to Make its Debut in Casinos

After planning for months, Massachusetts is fully prepared to launch the limiting bet system called Play My Way system in the province. If this is implemented, Massachusetts would be the first state in the whole of United States to do so. Although some pushbacks came from the gambling industry, the state officials saw if off.

Marlene Warner, Executive Director, Massachusetts Gambling Commission said that the organisation is trying to save casual punters from becoming addictive. In no way the mission is to chase the gambling addict. Massachusetts gambling commission is working with the State Gambling Commission on this. Warner in a latest statement mentioned that the tool is designed for prevention and not eradication. The organisation wants punters to gamble for fun purposes without getting into any financial trouble and putting their families at risk.

The new Play My Way system has already been installed in Plainridge Park and one single casino in Massachusetts. It is expected that the new limit play will go live in close to 1250 casinos across the city within a very few days. If the system works, the gambling commission can implement this in two different casinos namely Springfield one and Boston-area.

Mashpee Wampanoag tribe which is accredited by the state officials is building a new casino cum Resort in the sovereign land of Taunton. The officials from the new casino mentioned that they are also reviewing the play my way principle for their casino but yet to take any stance on it. The company has not committed to the officials to employ the Play My Way system during its launch sometime in the year 2017.

Many authorities including the American Gaming Association and Massachusetts casino Operators protested against the play my way norms initially. They argued that many countries including Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway have tried this practice, but no fruitful results have come out from such endeavours.

Later the American Gaming Commission changed its stunts and said that after a productive conversation, the AGC is certain that the new norms would be able to help a lot of punters who are in need of it. Christopher Moyer, the spokesperson for the American Gaming Association stated that a little segment of the whole gambling community might be able to get help from this kind of initiative. He also added that this tool will go a long way in making sure that players stick to responsible gambling norms.

The Play My Way system is not mandatory and therefore casinos have little threat from it. A player can easily go against it and opt for a slot such the Tiki Island slot. Most casinos will implement this in their reward program. If a player nears to their betting limit, they will start receiving notifications about their limit. If a player crosses his limit, he will automatically be logged out of the game. The game can only be restarted if the player chooses to put on some money and start the play all over again.

While the initial responses from the operators are favourable, it remains to be seen how punters react to this going forward.

Nevada Considers Expanding Online Gambling

Lawmakers in Nevada have joined hands with segments of the online gambling industry in the state to seek ways to expand the gambling products currently offered here. Online gambling is banned throughout the United States with the exception of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware where it is available in restricted forms. As of now, online casinos based out of Nevada offer only poker, but there are indications this state might follow the lead of the other two by permitting casinos to offer different types of casino games. Online gamblers prefer to play games such as slots, with Tiki Island slots being one of the most popular ones.

Governments earn a lot of money from gambling operations, and it is in their best interests to regulate this industry properly. There have been indications that Nevada would link its iGaming operations with those of the other two states, but this has not materialized so far. However, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has raised the subject of working out a liquidity-sharing agreement with New Jersey. If this deal could materialize then both states would benefit from increased tax revenues. There will also be many benefits to players in the form of increased choices and better service.

It is no small task to link the gaming operations of two or more jurisdictions. In fact, there are political and technical reasons for this. Operators will have to locate their servers in suitable places and will also have to determine how the cash generated from the operations will be split between the partner jurisdictions. The latter topic is a problematic one because of the volumes of money involved and it will involve detailed negotiations between the parties concerned. Not only will the states have to consent to a common rake structure but they should also choose the right revenue share option.

The United States tends to have a hostile political environment towards online gambling. Vested interests such as Nevada gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson have used their considerable political might to prevent the legalization of the online gambling business. In fact, Adelson has a lot of influence over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and this might derail any discussions on liquidity-sharing agreements. Adelson’s hand can be seen behind many reverses suffered by the industry in the United States, including the troubles faced by PokerStars in New Jersey.

It seems very likely that Nevada will continue to push for changes to its gambling law in order to be able to offer a wide range of gambling products. More than 80% of New Jersey’s gaming revenues come from online casino games and not just poker. It is clear to see that politicians in Nevada have their eyes on the money they could potentially earn by increasing the range of games they offer. Interestingly, the increase in internet based gambling hasn’t eaten into the revenues of land based casinos. If at all, it has cut into the illegal market. It will be interesting to see whether lawmakers in Nevada can take the right decision in this matter.

HB 649-The Proposed Online Gambling Bill by Pennsylvania

With online gambling activities flourishing in its border states like New Jersey, it was inevitable that online gambling activities were legalized in Pennsylvania. Reading Eagle has now broken the news that Senator John Penn has introduced a bill in the senate to legalise online betting. The online betting bill is all set to be taken up for debate in the House of Representatives in June. The proposed bill- HB 649 – has now turned out to be the moot point of discussion in many circles, particularly amongst groups who are ardent supporters of online gambling activities.

The Online Gambling Bill

Close on the heels of successful passing of the budget for the financial year 2015-16 without any amendments by the Governor, Tom Wolf, in spite of a budgetary deficit to the tune of one billion dollars, the talk now is about HB 649. Senator John Penn however has focussed his bill not to shore up the income of the state with additional revenue through his bill. The main plank of Penn is to safeguard the vulnerable sections of the state from the evils of illegal online gambling activities, which is in slowly but steadily spreading its tentacles across the state. As not only the obsessive gamblers but also the children who are the prime targets of the illegal betting operators, Penn strongly feels that it is the opportune time to introduce the bill and save those who are otherwise likely to succumb to the illegal gambling syndicate.

The Role of Existing Players

HB 649 envisages the involvement of existing land based casinos in online activities. But for Sheldon Adelson, one of the prominent existing casinos in Pennsylvania, the other eleven casinos are likely to opt for the chance to offer online gambling games like Tiki Island Slot games. And as per the bill envisaged by John Penn, who incidentally has categorically has said that he does not intend to run for another term, at the end of the present tenure, a tax rate of 14% is to be levied on the online games. It is estimated that this revenue could offset the budgetary losses by at least 5 million dollars.

Wishes of the Majority

The bill to legalise online betting activities, which has come before the end of the term of the present House of Representatives has made the people of the state anxious and worried. With everyone being aware of the vociferous support to the bill by Penn and his decision not to run for another term, the big time fans of games like Tiki Island Slot are hoping that the bill HB 649 is successfully passed in the senate before the term of office of John Penn comes to an end. Reading Eagle in fact had conducted a poll to gauge the support of the people for the bill on online gambling in Pennsylvania and the result is overwhelming in favour of making online gambling a legal activity, with more than 60% of those who were questioned supporting the bill.

Sheldon Adelson Ensures that Senate Spending Bill Targets Online Gambling

American gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson, chief executive of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation that owns many properties in the US, Singapore, and Macau including Las Vegas based Venetian and Palazzo casinos, is continuing his sustained campaign to prevent online gambling from being legalised in the United States. The 83 year old billionaire who is listed as one of the top 20 people in the world has long been pulling every string possible to ensure that the immensely popular internet gambling industry doesn’t get a toe hold in the United States.

There are growing calls to make online gambling legal in the United States since this industry is well-regulated and flourishing in many different countries. As a matter of fact, many Americans opt to play poker, casino games, and slots at online casinos operating from different jurisdictions outside the country. Governments of various states in the US have a problem with their residents gambling on poker sites or playing games like Tiki Island slot on unregulated sites since this is an illegal activity. Furthermore, state governments are losing out on taxes from these activities. While the federal government has banned internet gambling in all but a few states, some states are trying to legalize it to various extents.

Adelson’s latest blow against the online gambling industry came when he managed to get Senator Lindsey Graham (R) from South Carolina to add anti-gambling flavour to a bill placed before the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Appropriations Bill (S.2837) language that sets it firmly against internet based gambling. In fact, the line in the bill resembles the ill fated Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) that would have ensured that internet gambling became illegal throughout the US. Interestingly, Adelson was one of the driving forces behind RAWA.

The purpose of including the line against online betting is to highlight the fact that the existing Wire Act is set firmly against legalizing it. The position taken is that since the Wire Act hasn’t been amended or repealed as of now, online gambling should be illegal throughout the country irrespective of laws passed by individual states to legalize it wholly or in parts. Graham and Adelson maintain that the legality of internet betting in the US should be decided by the judicial system and not the individual governments of the states.

Adelson and Graham have an association that goes back a long time and the Senator’s anti-gambling stance has a lot to do with the support he receives from the billionaire. In fact, Adelson was one of the main supporters for Graham’s unsuccessful bid for the White House.

S.2837 is unlikely to make it past the House Appropriations Committee in its current form. Rep. John Culbertson might get the line removed from the bill before it is sent to the President of the United States to be signed into law. While Culbertson hasn’t made any statements regarding this issue, it seems very unlikely that any law will be passed that bans internet gambling throughout the country.

5 Fantastic Benefits of Playing at the USA Online Casinos

The huge interest generated today by the USA online casinos is largely due to the factors which are seen as pro-players. Realising how enchanting, simple, profitable and convenient the online casino games are, more and more people are now making it an agenda to play these games. These casino games serve not just as a recreation for people, but as an activity which is inexpensive. Players have the liberty to play within their budget without worrying about peer pressure. In fact, many online casino games are available for free today , making it as the top choice of people who wish to relax and forget their worries.

Let’s take a look at the 5 fantastic benefits of playing at online casinos

#1-Convenient to Play from Home

The biggest attraction of online casino games is that these games could be played from anywhere and at anytime. This therefore saves lots of time, energy and money for players as now they are able to conveniently play the casino games from home or even on the move, if they are carrying their laptop with a net connectivity and a card to pay online. Yet another advantage of playing online casino games is that the privacy of the players is protected and hence without any inhibition anyone could sign-in and play the online casino games.

#2-Huge Choice of Games

While the brick and mortar casinos are handicapped by constraints like availability of space which forces them to offer a limited number of games to the clients, at online casino website, space is never a constraint. This has enabled the online casino sites to offer a big choice of casino games to the players. Thus when a player is interested in poker or slots or blackjack or roulette, he gets to choose from a mindboggling list of games in the category. The players have the luxury of playing from a website many interesting casino games for endless hours.

#3-Bonus offers

Concept of bonus games was unheard of, for players visiting the land based casinos. Novel addition that the players are offered at online casinos is the bonus games and bonus money. The bonus money or a game is akin to free games. Online casinos are known to offer very liberal bonuses to the players. There are number of bonus offers at an online casino like the sign-up bonus, deposit bonus etc. Hence, players are advised to first know about these offers before proceeding to make their payments.

#4-Handy Games for Practice

Players signing in for the maiden time need not worry about how the game would unfold. All online casinos offer trial games or free games, which could be played without making any deposit. Thus these games serve as ideal practice games for players before they stake their hard earned money. Another advantage of the trial games are that when a player does not relish it, he or she could move on to another game.

#5-Concern for Players

If there is only concern for players in online casinos, it is about the safety aspect. But the USA online casinos are renowned for their safety standards.

Thrill Seekers Enjoy Playing Online Slots

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and people living in different parts of the world enjoy all sorts of wagering. The main reason for its popularity is that it provides an immense thrill every time the person plays it. Take playing online slots for instance, like Tiki Island slot. The game is as easy as it gets, but players get an great deal of thrills whenever they spin the game because there can be only one of two outcomes. The game is very fast paced and there is no time to think about the outcome since it becomes clear to the player soon enough!

It’s no surprise that slot games are the most popular of the different types of gambling options available. People can sit for ages in front of slot machines while the machine accumulates wins and losses at a rapid pace. As a matter of fact, many dedicated slot players even maintain that they feel one with the machine and have no idea where the time went. Experts say that this happens because of the speed at which slot games are played; the player moves from uncertainty to certainty at a very rapid pace and this blurs time very effectively. What’s worrying is that it isn’t just the passing of time that is obscured. Slot players are often unable to keep track of the amount of money they wager. Needless to say, this is a problem because it can cause them to lose quite a bit of money in a relatively short while.

It is clear to see that what makes slot games so exciting is exactly what makes it dangerous. As a matter of fact, there are claims that game software development companies use technology to manipulate the way in which people make decisions when they gamble for real money. Experts maintain that slot games are designed to be extremely fast in order to cause addiction. Its not uncommon for players to do a thousand hands in a minute in what can best be described as a blur of playing. Poker, on the other hand, is not addictive because it a slow game that requires a lot of planning and thinking.

Another factor that makes slots relatively addictive is that it is a solitary game. While poker players do a fair amount of socializing while they are waiting between hands, slots players tend to play with complete focus and dedication which can easily lead to addiction.

Since the dangers associated with playing slot games have been mentioned very clearly it is up to the industry to ensure that gamblers get the help they need to avoid falling into a debt trap. Of course, not everyone who plays slots is likely to get addicted because there is a personal element to this as well. Even so, the industry should ensure that all players have a great time when they gamble and that they keep coming back for more in order to enjoy themselves and not because they are addicted.

Does Online Gaming Have an Effect on Land-based Casinos? What’s Your Take?

The advent of internet marketing has posed stiff challenges to the traditional forms of marketing. In fact there is a line of thought which suggest that ultimately the brick and mortar outlets would not survive the competition from the online sites. There have been recent instances of brick and mortar outlets shutting shop due to decrease in sales turnover. Reason for the dip in turnover is attributed to the competition from the internet based marketing companies.

Judging Performance of Companies

To judge the performance of an enterprise and an industry, it is necessary to look at the critical parameters like how its stocks are faring in the market, without merely looking at how many have shut shop. Thus when the stocks of few land based casinos are analysed truer picture of how they are performing emerges. Some of the casinos which have been taken up for the case study include, MGM Resorts International, Boyd Gaming Corporation, Wynn Resorts, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc and Penn National Gaming. How the stock markets have reacted to these scrip’s give a fair indication of how the investors view the company and the industry. A fall in stock of a company obviously point to the drop in confidence of investors either in the company or on the industry or both.

Investor Profile

Yet another indicator of the health of a company could be the profile of the investors. When the stock holding data of MGM Resorts International is analysed, it is seen that among the investors are many high profile individuals and institutions. This clearly implies that the company has lot of potential, even though temporary setbacks to its stocks are observed. Shares of MGM Resorts are apparently on a strong wicket as online casinos not only battle the established players in the industry but also the various laws which shackle its growth.

Long Term Performance of the Company’s Stock

Another important parameter to judge the health of a company is to look at how the stocks have been faring over the years and not just look at the immediate fall in the stock value. Thus stocks of MGM Resorts and Boyd Gaming Corp though might have suffered few setbacks at the moment, the surge in stocks over the recent past imply that all is not lost for the companies. Interestingly, Boyd Gaming now has also ventured into online gaming activities to stay ahead of the times.

The Area of Operation

Stocks of companies do plummet when the company invests in volatile regions. This does not thus mean that the business as such is in doldrums. Such is the case of Wynn Resorts, as the investments made in Macau have hurt the fortunes of its scrip. But this could be a short term phenomenon, as once the business in the region stabilises the stocks could rise too. Pinnacle Entertainment and Penn National Gaming too have simultaneously diversifying into the online segment so as retain their competitiveness. Thus the smart casino players are not likely to be edged out for now by online challenge.

Why Internet Gambling is Better than Land Based Gambling

The internet has transformed the way in which we do practically everything and this applies to gambling as well. Gambling has now become far more accessible than before thanks to the internet. In case you haven’t attempted gambling on the internet so far, then the following reasons will convince you to give it a try.

The internet helps you to gamble without any unnecessary temptations from the restaurant or bar. If you visit land based casinos often, then you also probably end up ordering far more food or drink than is good for your health (or your wallet) because it is really very difficult to resist these temptations.

It’s really very easy to gamble when you choose to do it online since all you have to do is connect to the internet and log into the site of your choice. A visit to a land based casino, on the other hand, involves a commute no matter where you live. Not only will you have to set time aside for travelling but you will also have to pay for transportation, car parking and other charges.

A session of online gambling can be started and finished at any time that suits you. However, you might end up gambling far more than you intended when you go to a land based casino since you might feel the pressure of making full use of your visit there.

Web based casinos tend to offer lower stakes than land based ones, and this is especially so during weekends and other peak gambling periods when land based casinos raise their stakes considerably in order to rake in income. Therefore, you can gamble a lot more on the internet for the same amount of money.

If you enjoy gambling but don’t particularly like hanging out with others then online gambling is the best thing for you. You can play all sorts of games without distractions from other people. What’s even better is that you won’t have long queues to deal with. You can even play your favourite music or watch a show of your choice while you gamble on the internet. You can even go about your daily chores while you are gambling.

You can switch from one game to another, or even move between casinos, with a few clicks of your mouse. In case you don’t enjoy the gambling experience then you can just change it to meet your needs.

Online casinos offer fabulous promotions when you sign up to play on them. You can get very good bonuses when you deposit money into your online playing account and sometime even when you just sign up. Keep in mind, however, that the use of these bonuses is governed by many rules and regulations, and also that these rules vary from site to site. Even so, you will get excellent value for money from online sites. On the other hand, land based casinos hardly ever offer any promotions.

There are so many online casinos in operation these days that you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your needs the best.

Some Basic Strategies That You Need to Know While Playing Online Slot Games

Slots have always been very popular in the old days and even now. The Internet has taken the casino world to another level by providing games in virtual casinos. Online slots are a treat to play. It is amazing to see how the stakes can be very high giving you a thumping rush. You can also play slots for free. Most of the websites have a trial run as well. Hence, if you are an amateur, you can play the game for free and practice. When your skills improve, you can take the casino world with money. There are some online video slots that are superb such as Tiki Island video slot. They offer an attractive first-time deposit bonus. When you start playing you already have a handsome amount in your account. Moving on, they have great promotions and bonus deals, almost every week. Try it out today.

But slots is a tricky game to play since half of it depends on your luck. Hence, we have devised certain strategies to make sure that you do not fall in any sort of trap there.

Believing that slot machines have a cycle according to which they win is a stupid idea. With the concept of random number generator coming into existence, you practically have no way of knowing whether a machine will pay out at a given point in time or not. Hence, do not wait for machines to perform poorly and only then will you go ahead and play on it. The machine might, for all you know, never pay out a jackpot. Hence, it is important to keep trying different machines and not get stuck with one. Another way to look at this scenario is that if a slot machine is performing poorly, it might be because it had just given out a jackpot. Hence, it has to balance out the savings and the winnings.

Try to bet maximum when playing on progressive slot machines. The simple reason is that progressive slot machine accumulates a certain portion of every stake that a player wagers over a period of time. If you are lucky and you hit a jackpot, you might have a chance to take home millions. Betting maximum coins is a good strategy, one that is effective yet not very harmful. If you activate all the pay lines, bet on the maximum value of the coins, then you will be eligible for winning the jackpot.

Manage your money on an everyday basis. It is very easy to lose track of the time and money when one is indulged in playing slots. Make separate accounts for both the expenses. Take out and put in money in the casino account only when you win more than you invest. Also, take out some time to play slots every day, make sure you do not over indulge in the game that you lose track of time and mess up your schedule. This will be harmful in the long run.

Try Free Slots for Entertainment and Knowledge

At present, online free slots have become very popular among the players who are new to the casino gambling world. The land-based casinos have today transformed into web casino gaming, which is much preferred by the players across the globe. Further, these free slots have attracted the attention of millions of players irrespective of any nation or boundary and have made casino gaming very popular. This article is an insight into the working of the free slots and the advantages that you can avail while playing them.

The Working of Free Slots

If you want to play free slots then you are required to have some additional browser plug-ins. These include Macromedia shockwave player, Java, Macromedia Flash Player or any other specific one. With this, you must also have good bandwidth in order to load the game in the minimum possible time. When it comes to the rules and regulations, online casinos are quite similar to the land-based ones in this regard. They both have random number generator that produces numbers randomly. This simply means that you can never predict the results in both of these casino types.

Benefits of Playing Free Slots Online

#1-Amazing Experience

Playing free slots online can bring you the best gaming experience. Firstly, it does not require you to walk all the way to a physical casino and waste your time. You can simply sign up at any online casino while sitting in the comforts of home and enjoy playing. In addition to this, online casinos are not time bound. It means that whether you want to play the slot late night or early morning, you can do that any time. They are open 24/7/ what all you need is just a computer system and an internet connection.

#2-Saves Money

Nothing can be better than enjoying the games without paying anything. Yes, if you are playing the free slots, you do not have to spend even a single penny out of your pocket. You can simply play them for free. As a result, you not only enjoy playing the game but also gain knowledge about different slot games like Tiki Island slot, a 5-reel game with 20 pay lines. Further, you can place the bet with virtual money in the game without having to worry about the losses. Even if you lose, you are going to lose the virtual money not the real cash. Before going into the real world of online gambling, trying the free slots can be very beneficial for you.

If you are thinking about the difference between the free slots and the paid ones then here is the answer. The slots that you play for real cash can make you a millionaire or billionaire in no time and offers you an opportunity to chat with players around the globe. However, in free slots, you do not earn anything and are not able to chat with the international players while playing. Rest assured, you are going to love playing these amazing free slots!