Cricket Star Slot-The Newest Release by Microgaming

Microgaming has always been the highly popular online casino game developer in the world. In the year 1994, this gaming developer was the first to introduce the internet casino. It is a fact that this company has set its name in the iGaming industry. Until date, this casino software provider has come up with the most exciting section of slot games. Microgaming today owns more than hundreds of gaming titles and seems to find inspiration in magical creatures sports, movies and fairy tales. This is clearly visible, as the slots by this provider are based upon the most exclusive and exciting themes.

About Cricket Star Slot

Microgaming has today come up with its newest of the new slot named Cricket Star. As the name suggests, this slot games is based upon cricket and can be played at the casinos that are powered by Microgaming. In addition to this, you can also try playing this slot at the gaming websites that use the services of the companies mentioned in the list at

While talking about the features of cricket star slot, it is a 5-reel game with three rows. After starting with this game, you may think that it lacks the traditional playlines like in other slots. However, the slot offers you an opportunity to win the game in 243 ways. This simply means that you have improved chances of winning in the cricket star slot. Players who want to place the highest number of coins in the single session are 105,000.

Designs and Symbols of Cricket Star Slot

Another most fascinating feature of this game is that winning symbols here actually disappear. As a result, it gives way to the new symbols to appear on the screen and create amazing winning combinations for the players. To add on, the design of the game is another attraction. The cricket star slot hardly uses any random symbols like the infamous card symbols.

On the other hand, each icon in this slot has been tailored to complement the cricket theme of it. You will be excited to see the fielders, umpires, bowlers and batsmen in the game. Moreover, you can also see cricket ball, fans and coach as well. The logo of the game is the wild symbol and is featured almost 40 times.

The best part is that even if you are an amateur playing this game, you will be easily able to understand the ways to win the juicy prizes of the slot. The slot features stacked wilds and wild wicket bonus that can bring in a great prize for you on being hit. In addition to this, players can also get hold of other bonus opportunities to win real cash.


Without a doubt, cricket star slot is worth playing at least once especially for the cricket lovers. Microgaming has equipped this slot with number of unique features, which are sure to grab attention of players around the globe. Thus, you can sign up at a Microgaming powered casino and try your hands at cricket star slot.

Microgaming Releases Brand New Version of Bar Bar Black Sheep

If you are an online gambler then you’ve probably come across a whole lot of slot games from Microgaming. In fact, if you’ve been playing long enough then you might even have tried your hand at the company’s classic slot title Bar Bar Black Sheep. This three-reel slot game has long been a favourite of gamers everywhere on account of its fast pace and attractive visuals.

The good news is that Microgaming has reworked this classic slot game to appeal to newer audiences who now prefer slicker and faster games with better animation and sound effects. The newly remade Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game offers all of these and more and has been released earlier this month to a number of casinos that feature content from this top rated developer. In addition, the game will be available for desktop as well as mobile play in keeping with the changing habits of gamers. If you are keen to try out the modern version of the classic game then you could visit a number of Microgaming sites such as 7Sultans Casino, Crazy Vegas Casino, and All Slots Casino.

Bright And Cheerful Game

The new Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game is extremely eye-catching and colourful, and you will encounter its familiar characters in a reworked and better setting. The game has the tried and tested Microgaming interface that you are probably used to and this makes it very easy to get started on it. The animation isn’t very sophisticated but the game is still hugely enjoyable. It has a very good soundtrack as well that matches perfectly with the visuals.

Special Features For A Better Playing Experience

You’ll be surprised to see that the makers have integrated part of the original Bar Bar Black Sheep into the new one’s gameplay. There is a special feature – a short mini game that used the old 3-reel slot game. If you get a black sheep and two BAR symbols in the correct alignment on the reels then you’ll be given an on-screen bonus that causes the three symbols to spin and come up with a multiplier. What is truly amazing is that the multiplier can go up to 999 times the original bet! You’ll be also happy to see that the bonus game happens quite often. There is also a free spins feature that is triggered when three ‘bags of wool’ symbols appear anywhere on the screen. The style of the game changes slightly when this happens and the altered version has dark reels. There are multipliers to be won from these free spins and you can increase your earnings substantially! Like all modern slot games, this one too has Wild symbols which can change the outcome of a spin to your advantage.

Overall, Bar Bar Black Sheep is a very good game to play and you can try your hand at the maximum £95,000 prize money. Its return to player rate is 95.03% which means that you stand a fairly good chance of getting most of your wagers back.

Magical Stacks Slot – A Japanese Themed Game for Slots Fanatics

Playtech stands out from other gaming software developers on the basis of the frequency at which the company releases slot games for web based casinos. The company has been around for more than 17 years and it can claim to be one of the best known businesses in the industry, releasing game after game that is designed to meet the needs of players of all types. One of the latest games released by the company, Magical Stacks Slot Machine, promises to be everything that gamers are looking for when they click on a slot game at an online gaming site.

Magical Stacks slot game is quite different from other slot games on account of its Japanese look. The game has a fabulous graphic design that looks to Japanese anime design for inspiration. As a matter of fact, the game has a three dimensional look that is very hard to resist since the designers very clearly know what customers are looking for.

One of the best things about the Magical Stacks game is that it actually manages to look like a proper slot game in a land based casino. The look of the Magical Stacks game is made even more attractive thanks to its use of traditional Vegas symbols such as triple Sevens, the watermelon, cherries, and even the bar icon. The Japanese look is emphasised thanks to images such as a girl with pink hair, another one with white hair, and also a white cat. Furthermore, the poker cards featured in the game have a uniquely Japanese touch.

Plenty Of Wilds And Scatters

Most slot games have wilds and scatters, and punters enjoy coming across them because of how they can increase their wins. In this game, the Wilds work as joker symbols and can help make up a number of winning combinations across the active paylines (there are 20 of them in the game). The scatters are also worth looking forward to because they can result in 10 free spin rounds and can also be retriggered. Players will also love the Super Magical Free Spin Bonus because it gives them a Dynamic Multiplier that can increase a win by anything between 2 and 5 times for every win.

Players will also enjoy the Mystery Boxes feature of this game. These boxes are easy to spot on account of the question marks they carry! If a player were to get more than one of these Mystery Boxes on the screen then the boxes would turn into any one regular symbol. What this means is that it is possible to make really huge wins on this feature. As a matter of fact, this is very likely to be one of the most profitable games available.

Definitely Worth Playing

There is no doubt at all that Magical Stacks is a game worth playing since it has a bit of everything that players need to have a good time. Considering that the game is from Playtech, it should be very easy to find it online.

Playing Online Slots can be a Thrilling Experience if You do it Right

The world of online slots is ever increasing. More and more people are joining this world and getting hooked to it. There are a variety of slots available. From themed ones to ones with bonus rounds and more, there is one for everyone. If you are just exploring the world of online slots, worry not! You do not need any sort of prior experience to know how to play them. The best part about online video slots is the fact that you do not need to have any prior knowledge. You learn with practice, hence all you need is to play it as much as you want.

If you are new to online slots, you can try out playing free online video slots. This is an amazing opportunity for you. You can play as much as you want on online free slots and acquire the skills. Then, you can start playing with real money. In this way, you can skip all the silly mistakes that you might commit while playing on the free slots and then upgrade to slots with money. You can try out Tiki Island video slot game as it has amazing features and bonus rounds.

There is a vast variety of online slots that you can play and choose from. We suggest you try Tiki Island video slot game. Most of the online casinos have that video slot game as it is very reliable and well-liked by the players. The best part about these games is that you can play them sitting at your home with no one to disturb you. After a tiring day at work, all you want is peace and some fun. Hence, this is the best way to get it. You do not have waste a lot of time online in finding the best online video slots. A good way to reach a better conclusion is to ask your friends who play regularly about some of the good ones. Otherwise, you can be assured that you will experience the same level of thrill, fun and excitement when you play on these slots.

Here are some tips on how to go about playing in online slots.

  • Do a fair bit of research before opting for the slot game that you want to play. It may seem work in the beginning, but it is rewarding in the end. Ask your friends who play regularly about the online slots that are rewarding. Also, keep in mind that every website is different and has different terms and conditions. Hence, you should read all of them before making a decision.
  • Play for free for some time and then play on the slot machine with real money. Get a lot of practice before spending actual money on the video slot game.
  • When you register for a video slot, for example on Tiki Island video slot, make sure you utiltise the first-time deposit bonus provided to you by the casino. Tiki Island offers an amazing deposit bonus.

Lantern Festival Slot Game, Unlike Casino Games Like Double Bubble Slot

Nowadays slot games come in varied themes that have changed the way we look at casinos. Many people have shifted from going to casino to just playing online in their comfort zone. Here is another slot game that is very exciting and fun to play.

Lantern Festival Slot GameTheme of the Game

The name of the slot Lantern Festival takes its name from the Chinese festival. And, another inspiration could be from the lanterns made out of paper that we use for decoration in our houses and rooms. While the name of the game is not really unique, the aspects of the game are.

The Developer

The developer for this game is WMS Gaming who has been in the business of developing slots and other casino games in a long time. They are based out of the US, and create slots for both the online website and the offline portal. Furthermore, their reach has expanded manifold in the last couple of years. They usually offer both kinds of slots, regular and branded. This particular one comes under the category of a regular slot. They have a reputation of designing games that are fun and inventive.

How to Play it?

The slot has 40 pay lines, and you can choose the multipliers that range upto 5. You will have to decide the number of coins you want to play with. You can spend around 200 coins in a single go. If you want to modify the value of the coins, then you can click on the button situated on the right side.

Special Features

First and foremost, WMS’s trademark symbol is called the extreme symbol. This symbol allows you to acquire 8 icons that are matching, and can be found stacked together. You have a fair chance of making multiple combinations that is going to fetch you more rewards. You are also entitled to free spins and more such awards when you continue to play the game.

You can also try out the Wager Save. The slot machine offers free spins and they are placed inside. You have to activate the scatter symbol to make used of the free spin. You can get up to 50 rounds of free spins. The wild symbol for the game is a Dragon. It is one of the most useful symbols in the game that has to be used judiciously.

Maximum Payouts

Though it is considered to be a low variance scheme, this slot promises to be high in terms of giving out rewards. You might feel that some aspects of the game is like most of the Chinese-themed slot games that you have played, but in reality you will find it amusing and a lot of fun. If you face any sort of difficulty, you can always call up on their customer care number and they will fix your problem in no time. Furthermore, they work round the clock and are very responsive. In terms of payments, they are smooth and do their work without hassle. Overall, you should give this slot game a try and see if it works for your taste or not.

The Year of the Monkey Brings With it Chinese-Themed Slots Unlike Tiki Island Slot

Chinese-Themed SlotsThe Chinese New Year is creating a lot of excitement among major software developers who have used this opportunity to unveil their latest creations all of which are dedicated to the Chinese New Year.

The best thing about being a part of this if you’re going to be sticking around till February and preparing a great deal to celebrate the Chinese New Year as a slot machine fan this this will be your time to get fully immersed into the festive spirit of this holiday by being able to play the three newly released Chinese-themed slots. Indeed it seems like it will be the year of the Monkey is upon us and by playing these well-paying slot machines you, the seasoned players can make sure the start of the new year is auspicious.

It looks like WMS is hell-bent on making players rich, at least that hats what the name if the slot machine gives away. It is called Wishing You Fortune and it has 1024 winning combinations to get all folks super kicked. What makes this game special is the fact that magic done under the hands of the software developer who has not just created a great looking slot but also made room for free spin bonus rounds as well as a special Fortune Reel feature which is not just fun but also super lucrative if you’re going to be at it. Moon Games Casino is one of the few places where players see themselves having a great time indulging in the Chinese-themed slot machine. Except for this there are hundreds of other games compatible with mobile devices.

Before leap out in joy, there is still more waiting your turn, such as this other game that is also dedicated to the Chinese New Year and introduced at the beginning of the month. The game goes by the name of Wu Long and you can enjoy it at the EuroGrand Casino for guaranteed entertainment. Some of the Playtech classic slot machines seem to have a shadow on this game, but brilliantly captures the fragrance of the Chinese holiday. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that the same sign acts as both scatter and wild symbol because of which it triggers free spins and multipliers.

Another one of these treasures you can dig your head deep in is Microgaming’s newest game that called Dragon Dance. This is truly an enjoyable experience and you can play this energetic slot machine at All Slots Casino. In addition to the wild and scatter symbols, the reels are populated by symbols of fortune and power, as well as ones acting as wards against bad luck. There is no shortage of free spins and players enjoy more control over the outcome of each game, as they are allowed to respin any of the five reels. With games like these in store, you can be sure you’re going to have a lot of fun playing this year.