How do Casinos Decide Where to Place Their Casino Slot Machines?

In case you have visited a land based casino even once, then you are likely to have seen rows of slot machines keeping gamblers entranced over long periods of time. It is easy to get hooked onto slot machines like Tiki Island because they are bright, colourful, and simple to play. Gamblers also like these machines because they can win quite a bit of money for relatively small wagers. It is a fact that casinos earn a lot of money from slot machines even though they offer more sophisticated gambling options such as baccarat, roulette and poker.

Place Their Casino Slot MachinesIf you play slot games a lot, especially at the same casino, then you’ve probably wondered how exactly the casino decides where to locate individual machines. For instance, if you have had a particularly good run with a specific slot machine, you might decide to return to the same casino to gamble on the same machine all over again so as to keep your lucky streak going. Chances are that you will not find the previous day’s machine in its original location because the casino would certainly have shifted it.

As a matter of fact, this is part of the casino’s strategy to keep the overall odds of winning fairly constant. Contrary to popular opinion, they cannot change the payout percentage of a slot machine because it has given out big wins; the percentage is programmed into the machine’s computer chip. Casinos also move machines out of play in case people do not use them for some reason.

It is in the casino’s best interests to get all slot machines in play because the overall revenue depends on having maximum machines occupied. A casino manager might therefore, decide to place a machine that doesn’t get much play in a place where people will definitely want to play. For instance, the machine will be placed at the end of a row because people are more likely to choose that spot because of the privacy and elbow room it offers.

Many gambling industry professionals also assert that casinos place machines with a high pay out rate in places where they will get high visibility. The reason is fairly simple. People come to the casino with the expectation of having a great deal of fun, while also winning the maximum amount of money on the smallest possible wagers! If they see a slot machine merrily spitting out coins or indicating huge wins in any other way, then they too will want to try their luck on them. Of course, the casino will move these machines around from place to place so that they attract a large numbers of gamblers.

It is fair to say that casino managers spend a great deal of time and effort on deciding the placement of their slot machines. This is what makes casinos such excellent places to go to when one wants a lot of entertainment. It also explains how casinos are able to rake in revenues year upon year in spite of the proliferation of online gambling options.

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