Increasing Cyber Attacks on Online Gambling Websites

Right from the time, internet betting has emerged, it has remained a major target of the hackers. These hackers are always looking for the opportunity to hack the online gambling companies and make large money in just seconds. No doubt, the governments also try to prevent the cyber-crime by introducing new rules but it has not been successful completely until date. The gambling experts and security veterans are left with no other option than to just watch these professional hackers making their best out of the most popular online gambling websites. The hackers are always ready with the newest technique to hack the site and make it lose its bets.Increasing Cyber Attacks

Different Ways of Hack Attacks

These professional hackers follow a different way every time when they hack a gambling site. Many a times, it has been noticed that they release crude ‘denial of service’ barrage. As a result, the site is disabled with unlimited information requests. In fact, they do try to do this right at the moment when a big sporting event is going on and the activities of betting are at its peak. At this point, the denial of service simply robs the opportunity of the company to win millions through lost bets. Yes, the hackers enjoy the entire profit and company is left in tears.

The Hacking Case in Atlantic City

Last July, four online gambling websites of Atlantic City were trapped with a major hacking case. They were all hacked by the professional hackers and the same was investigated by the Federal authorities and of New Jersey. During the case was examined, the hacker came forward with the promise of more disruption if the asked ransom was not paid in Bitcoin. According to the David Rebuck, the Director of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement remarked that the hacking caused a great loss to all the four companies and even the other companies also faced its consequences. The hacked companies showed a great downtime and were unable to monitor properly for days.

The Recent Position of Irish National Lottery

Recently, the news have hit saying that the Ireland’s National Lottery has been continuously showing denial of service attack. It was seen that after the completion of draw, the hackers hacked the website offline for two hours, which resulted in huge loss for the site. The Ireland’s National Lottery is monitored and operated by Premier Lotteries Ireland.

Premier Lotteries announced the news and gave the entire explanation of it. The best part is that the company’s anti-DDoS system worked very efficiently and lessened the effects of the hack. It limited the disruption by the hackers up to some extent and the company’s entire operations were restored only within two hours. It was ensured that company’s data was not affected at all. It was all kept safe and secured.

It hints at the fact that the online gambling sites have become the highest target and the hackers keep on discovering smarter ways to hack them. Thus, the laws should be stricter and the companies should be more alert.

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