Online Progressive Slots are the Current Favourites

Progressive slots are considered as the ultimate for all slot players since they are very proud to have competed for some of the highest casino money on offer. Since at a progressive slot game a percentage of the coins played are transferred to the jackpot account, each player contributes to the final kitty which runs to several millions in certain cases.

Online Progressive SlotsBet with the Highest Number of Coins

Since every player contributes to the jackpot pool which finally is won by one of the players, the competing players should be aware that there is something like qualifying standard to compete in jackpot rounds. The qualifying standard is to play with the maximum number of coins. Hence when a player misses to play the maximum coins in Tiki island progressive slot, he merely remains a contributor to the kitty without ever qualifying to join the race for jackpot.

Types of Progressive Slots

Now there are three distinct types of progressive slots available in casinos. Basic progressive slot is the machine which is not linked to any other machine. Here just the contributions of players playing from the machine are pooled to get the jackpot amount. Second type of progressive slots is the linked progressive slots which are the most common types of progressive slot machines. Lastly there are the multi-location progressive slot machines, which as the name is suggestive are the slot machines which are linked though they are placed in different locations.

The Most Profitable Progressive Slots

It is clear that of the three types of progressive slots, the multi-location progressive slots are the most lucrative. Here contribution to the jackpot amount is drawn from the contribution of players playing the progressive slots from different locations. Jackpot amount in multi-location progressive slots are bigger than the linked progressive slots as in the latter contribution for the jackpot amount accrues only from the progressive slots in a localised area.

Higher Odds of Winning

It is well known that once the wager amount gets bigger, the odds also gets higher. Hence for conservative players who wish to bet where the odds are low, the basic progressive slot is the best option. And for those who wish to enjoy taking big risks and be adventurous, the multi-location progressive slot is the best choice. With the hope of making it big if not today on some other day, these players persist with the multi-location progressive slots.

The Tendency of Players

Tendency of players competing in progressive slots is to hop from event to another since they feel that the next one might be luckier for them. Since such a practice is prevalent what ultimately happens is that during such ‘jumps’ a player is able to sometime win making the players believe that jackpots could be won by playing from a new slot machine.

How Much to Invest in Progressive Slots?

Since progressive slots are high risk games, players feel that it would be better if they invest only a percentage of their budget at these games.

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